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  1. sethwell

    Hopper3, black screen, no audio, then reboots

    For the last week my Hopper3 has been going to a black screen(live or DVR), with no audio, then after 5-10 seconds it reboots. No error messages are given. On the joeys it just says the signal loss error when the Hopper reboots. I've done red button resets and power cord reset after it happens...
  2. sethwell

    HWS- Disable Wireless

    Is there any way to disable the wireless antenna on the HWS? My neighbor must have recently installed a wireless router and my HWS keeps connecting to the guest network of it. My HWS is connected by cat5 in my setup.
  3. sethwell

    S244 is out

    Under diagnostics is a new tile ,"TV Enhancements". Don't see anything else. Sent from my phone using SatelliteGuys
  4. sethwell

    Extended recording time for a sporting event

    Do basketball games, college in this case, not get an extra hour tacked onto a recording incase the game goes long? I missed the last minute of play on the Arkansas vs Georgia game tonight. Recorded on my Hopper(S238) on western arc, ESPN2 144. Sent from my phone using SatelliteGuys
  5. sethwell

    Switch Installation Test

    Has anyone had a tuner tied up with a "switch installation test"? It's been like this since PTAT stopped. All tuners had been in use from 9-10. Below is a pic of it. Sent from my Phone using SatelliteGuys
  6. sethwell

    DIRT screen names

    I was using the SatelliteGuys iPhone app to look for an online DIRT member but couldn't find one at that time. There were quite a few other members online so a lot searching and scrolling had to be done. . Might I suggest changing their screen names to Dish.xxxx@DishNetwork? That way when a...
  7. sethwell

    basic remote- how do you change the remote address?

    How do you change the remote address to 1 on the Dish "Basic Remote"?
  8. sethwell

    On Demand- New info on titles

    Anyone go into the On Demand/BB@H menu and notice the "Rotten tomatoes" info with critic and audience ratings? Kinda neat! Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
  9. sethwell

    Installer is here, 2 hoppers/2 Joeys

    Installer is here, says we are the first from his company to have it installed. Glad I've read all the threads, or most, about the install. More to come later. Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
  10. sethwell

    Timers and live outputs for Hopper

    1. How many timers/events are allowed with a hopper? 2. In a two hopper system, are timers kept on one hopper or split between them? 3. Are ALL outputs live on the hopper? Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
  11. sethwell

    UFC on FOX cut short

    Dish needs to add a flag to UFC on FOX so it will add an extra hour to the recording like other sporting events!!! Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
  12. sethwell

    Blockbuster Instore Returns-FAIL!!

    So the nearest Blockbuster store is about 30 minutes or so from me and since i had to go to that city today to do some shopping i thought i would return my mailed disc and get a another one. I go to the store locater on thier website and find a store there. nice, until i get to the store...
  13. sethwell

    21.0 on a 922?

    ok i have read multiple threads about how a 21.0 remote works on a 922 but i can not for the life of me get my 21.0 to control or link or even be recognized by my 922. is there a thread that i have overlooked? any help would be appreciated. thanks, Sethwell
  14. sethwell

    Manual timer

    I really wish they would fix the manual timers set from DRA!! Missed the NBC block of shows tonight cause it says "incorrect event"!! How is it incorrect, I told it to record on Thursday from 7-9pm, no event name! Also correct the protection setting when you make it too!! Tired of having to...
  15. sethwell

    Incomplete guide on my 922

    I'm hoping there is a bug in my guide or something and my hard drive is not failing, but for the last week my guide and timers have not populated correctly. a couple days ago i only had 2 days of guide info, reset my update time and let it reboot, left it off for about an hour and had my guide...
  16. sethwell

    Dish PPV-unable to select titles on website

    I planned on using one of my PPV certificates for tonight but the title i want to order has no order button beside it. it is like that for about half of the titles. i've used firefox and IE but neither of them allow me to select certain titles. anyone else have this trouble?
  17. sethwell


    Just noticed that my 922 has S111 now. Only thing I have noticed so far is that my remote or the cursor is not responding to directional commands sometimes.
  18. sethwell

    Charlie Chat Monday 13, 2010

    :confused::confused::confused: For all who are wanting to watch this Monday's Charlie Chat it is on Monday the 13th. My guide on both my 922 and 722 say it is on Sunday the 12th and on it is listed to be on the 14th. :confused::confused::confused: Charlie Chat Monday, December 13, at...
  19. sethwell

    iPhone apps to use with 922

    Anyone know of any apps for the iPhone that will allow the 922 to access the pictures or videos that are on your iPhone? i found one called iMediaShare but the 922 doesn't see it. i have playon but don't really want to use it for this. thanks!
  20. sethwell

    IR Remote Learning

    I thought the last software update addressed this. i've tried to program some of my tv remotes buttons to the 32.0 remote and it seemed like it took the commands but when i went to test it out the buttons were not working. the instructions on the 922 for remote learning are quite strange so i...