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  1. jself1982

    What is the furthest south that anyone has gotten Anik G1

    How far south can you receive Bell TV?
  2. jself1982

    Signal/Receiver Help??

    And when you run diagnostics, it shows red under the 77, and 72.7 locations and it doesn't show red nor green or anything for that matter under the 61.5 location. And check switch gives that dreaded "Fewer satellite locations were found error" that last time required me to trade in my receiver...
  3. jself1982

    Signal/Receiver Help??

    Yes I did. It just does this randomly while watching (usually one of our local channels from the 61.5 location), and its almost like the receiver gets stuck on an infinite reboot trying to get signal from 61.5 when lord knows 61.5 is weak here in South Carolina. And I sure don't want to...
  4. jself1982

    Signal/Receiver Help??

    Hello Here is my setup, Eastern Arc Dish, with 722k, TV1 is living room tv, and TV2 is the bedroom tv. While watching Survivor, on CBS, from the 61.5 dish location, the box said "Acquiring Signal" and the 722k shut itself off and restarted. When it restarted it came up to the "Acquring...
  5. jself1982

    Upgrade confusion, can someone help?

    Thanks, I don't know how to contact DIRT on satguys. Also, they won't require autopay for this will they?
  6. jself1982

    Upgrade confusion, can someone help?

    Hi, Here's a situation that I can't get Dish Network to help with, so I know you guys (and girls) always helps me faster than Dish Network. Here is the setup: Currently, 6 TV's, each TV has a Dish 301 (I think), connected-currently 6 sd receivers. It takes 2 Dish Network Dishes on the same...
  7. jself1982

    4dtv maps

    Hi all I'm looking for a set of maps for a DSR922, A4 firmware, that has all the Anik birds setup to receive freeview shaw direct. Any help is appreciated!
  8. jself1982

    Anik G1 Online. Not strong in the Southwestern U.S.

    What are the chances of getting the new Anik G1 in the upstate of South Carolina? Is it possible with a bigger dish, a 10ft dish?
  9. jself1982

    Anik F1R and Anik G1 signal survey Post your results.

    I would be interested to know the signal one would get in upstate South Carolina near Greenville, even with a 10 foot dish.
  10. jself1982

    Help with 622, or is it a clunker?

    I have an owned 622, not leased. As of the other night, when it powered down to do its nightly upgrades or so forth, it now will power up, fan will come on for a second or two, nothing shows up on the tv screen. I have unplugged, hard rebooted, held power button in, and it still does the same...
  11. jself1982

    Dish channel line up vs AT&T U-Verse channel line up

    Keep your Dish account on the lowest package, get Uverse and make sure the technician doesn't get lazy and use you Dish coax, I think the only thing you will miss from Dish is the DVR but Uverse isn't as bad as people make it out to be, really its a great service, just as Dish... but everyone...
  12. jself1982

    QVC HD

    QVC actually has good deals on a lot of products, and products for the home and electronic techies like us... I have QVCHD on UVerse, and the whole screen is used, and they do NOT use the right portion for banners and such as they used to do... QVCHD and HSNHD is actually worth it, and they both...
  13. jself1982

    Days of Our Lives wild feed on E2 6

    ive been looking for this feed to as it dissappeared a bit before the hd switchover but canadian tv was and still is one full day ahead of the usa on days, so they must still feed it to them... lets just hope its not a nonsatellite feed!
  14. jself1982

    sathawk help

    Nothing seems to work. It just hangs up on the "ON" boot display on the LED. I have to unplug and leave unplugged for 3-4 hours, then it will boot for a mere 4 minutes and then hang up again. Sadoun is on backorder or has discontinued the product, I got conflicting stories. I hate shopping...
  15. jself1982

    sathawk help

    Just purchased, received my sathawk from Sadoun. Fine. Im very smart with receivers but this one is aggrivating me to death and back! I bought the receiver primarily for, and only for, the radio channels on AMC 8, preferrably the AAC radio channels. I got the receiver all set up, scanned AMC 8...
  16. jself1982

    Which HD channel would you prefer to be added?

    AT&T Uverse just added History International in HD today. However, sitting here looking at it, it is stretched SD like its sister channels HistHD, A&EHD, BioHD, and C&IHD. Also, just FYI AT&T finally added BioHD and C&I HD. History International in HD will make some happy, it doesn't matter...
  17. jself1982

    Annual Cost Increase

    Read the fine print on the Lifetime subs now. I was advised that a Lifetime sub is only good for the life of the radios you include in on the lifetime sub, once they break or if you upgrade they will try to say your lifetime sub isn't good/valid anymore!
  18. jself1982

    How often does DN call to verify?

    And their Audit is working overtime these days I must say! That is why I deactivated everything but my 622 several months ago and wouldn't you know, they still call me every 6-7 days asking for that location codes on my 622, and yes--it is connected to the internet, and telephone, and all I...
  19. jself1982

    U-Verse improved??

    hd channels? you rated uverse last? how did you figure that? uverse has more hd channels than dish network does. uverse has all the available premium channels in hd and most of them are both east and west coast hd feeds, plus they have several sports and other national networks in hd, uverse...
  20. jself1982

    U-Verse improved??

    I like UVerse, but the HD PQ is lacking, however, the PQ on the SD channels is phenomenal in my opinion. I just hate that I can't find anything out about AT&T adding more channels like I can with Dish Network by being a pub member here.