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  1. Almighty1

    Hopper 3 low volume for satellite but good volume for YouTube App

    Greetings everyone: I have a question, is it normal that on the Hopper 3 that the volume for satellite channels are low but significantly louder when using the YouTube App? I am running software v548 and it seems under Audio Output, I have Dolby Audio = On, Volume Leveling = Off (tried on and...
  2. Almighty1

    Hopper 3 - what button on remote does one press to skip ads in YouTube?

    Greetings everyone: I was wondering what button does one press on the remote when using the Youtube app on the Hopper 3 to skip the ads? Thanks!
  3. Almighty1

    Hopper 3 Software Update U532

    I received Hopper 3 Software vU532 at 8:55AM Pacific Time on March 31, 2019. It seems to fix the sluggish problem when looking at the DVR recordings as sometimes it would not load the episodes and just sits there retrying after selecting the show. With vU532, however the problem appears to be...
  4. Almighty1

    DISH Anywhere - bandwidth requirement for 4K content from DISH Hopper 3

    Greetings everyone: I have a question, does anyone know how much bandwidth is needed to use DISH Anywhere with a DISH Hopper 3 if the content was 4K or basically what is the maximum the DISH Hopper 3 can actually stream upstream back to something that uses DISH Anywhere at a remote location...
  5. Almighty1

    DISH Anywhere app on Amazon Fire TV help needed

    Greetings everyone: I have a DISH Hopper 3 on a LG 65" OLED 4K TV. I just got a Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K a few days ago and could use some help from people who are more experienced with the Fire TV products in general. So I will post my two questions below: 1) If I set the Fire TV Stick 4K...
  6. Almighty1

    Has anyone seen a problem like this on their TV's before?

    I have a LG 65EF9500 4K/UltraHD OLED TV with a Hopper 3 and it seems like regardless if the source of the content is the built-in YouTube or the Google ChromeCast, Google ChromeCast Ultra or even the DISH Hopper 3 which are HDMI connected, there are horizontal bars on the top and bottom of the...
  7. Almighty1

    Hopper 3 - Storage Full - Deleted & Emptied Trash - Still complains storage full?

    Hopper 3 on U501, storage hit 100% so it was kept complaining about storage full. I deleted things, restarted via the on-screen menu so the storage is at 70% except it is still failing to record programs as it will complain the storage is full and show 0% recorded events, anyone know how to fix...
  8. Almighty1

    How many RF Coaxial cables are used on the current GENIE 4K DVR?

    Greetings everyone: When I last had Directv installed in 2009 which a HD DVR which is the HR23-700 receiver, it required dual coaxial cables. For the latest Directv receivers that can dp 4K, what is the latest and greatest receiver model(s) as I remember reading about one a month or so ago but...
  9. Almighty1

    Hopper 3 and surge/spike protection on Coax and HDMI

    Greetings everyone: Is anyone here using in-line surge/spike protection on the incoming Coax cable? What about for the HDMI? If something fried the Hopper 3, will it also kill things on the HDMI output? Thanks!
  10. Almighty1

    Replacement Remote Control Stickers (living room, etc)

    Does anyone know where to get Replacement Remote Control stickers, the ones that are label living room, etc? I have asked both DISH DIRT and also DISH Executive Escalations and both told me that they don't have those separately other than it coming with a remote and to ask a local DISH dealer...
  11. Almighty1

    Anyone here disassembled the Hopper 40.0 remote?

    Greetings everyone: Has anyone here disassembled the Hopper 40.0 remote as I have some keys that seems to seems to be really picky when you push them as it seems the contacts need to be cleaned but I could not figure out how to get the housing of the remote apart. Has anyone ever taken apart...
  12. Almighty1

    Hopper 3 Storage Space used info with and DA App

    Greetings everyone: With the Hopper 3, is there anyway using either the website or the app to see how much storage space has been used up? Thanks!
  13. Almighty1

    Hopper 3 - Is this a known bug? - Won't/Can't deleting recordings during playback

    I'm curious but what is the correct way to delete the current recording being played back? In my case, I either hit into or pause and hit info and in both cases, select delete which confirms the deletion except the recording never got deleted on the DVR recordings area. Hitting info in the DVR...
  14. Almighty1

    Recording Timer from Guide not working correctly when there is autotune timer

    I'm experiencing a problem. I like to keep the Hopper H3 on in the event of the nightly reboot so I have a autotune timer at 2:00AM-3:00AM PST tuned to 626-01. I also have a scheduled timer nightly for a program that is on 626-01 from 1:35AM-2:55AM PST. What I noticed is that if I left the...
  15. Almighty1

    DISH Anywhere Slingplayer not working after rebooting

    I'm running Windows 10 Home Version 1607 (Build 14393.187) 64 bit and it appears originally I had the problem with DISH Anywhere Slingplayer stuck on initializing which was fixed when I uninstalled DISH Anywhere Video Player 2.29.3 and DishAnywhereDesktop from Control Panel -> Programs...
  16. Almighty1

    How to change the channel on the other Hopper 3 tuners?

    Greetings everyone: I have two questions concerning the Hopper 3 and it's tuners. How does one actually access the other tuners so for example, how does one select the other tuners to change the channel on it so that each of the tuners will be buffering as it seems like the instructions and...
  17. Almighty1

    External HD Recordings not playing back on Hopper 3, recorded with Hopper 2000

    I upgraded to a Hopper 3 DVR on February 7, 2016 as a upgrade to the Hopper 2000. I transferred the recordings to a external Hard Drive from the Hopper 2000. I plugged in the Hard Drive to the Hopper 3 on the rear bottom USB 3.0 port and can select the External Device 1. When I choose the...
  18. Almighty1

    San Francisco, CA OTA, any channels Directv doesn't carry? Will AM-21 help?

    Greetings everyone: I am a recent subscriber of Directv and have the HR23-700 HD DVR. Anyways, I was wondering what OTA channels Directv is missing from it's lineup in San Francisco other than the KQED Digital Channels which is different from the regular channel 9 and it's HD version that I...
  19. Almighty1

    DVR Mediashare video playback controls?

    Greetings: I got my HR23 DVR working with TVersity on my desktop and the videos play but all I can do is hit stop, play and pause. Is it possible to even rewind, fast forward, replay or 30 second skip? Thanks!
  20. Almighty1

    HD DVR Recording Playback Question

    Greetings everyone: I have a question which hopefully someone knows the answer to. I noticed with my Comcast Motorola HD DVR when I had cable at my old residence, when you played a recording and while either it's paused, etc or you hit info, it would show the time/date and channel of the...