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  1. jbod666

    Heroes & Icons Network (SES1) 9/29/14 Launch

    Heroes & Icons is a United States television network airing on digital terrestrial television stations. The network launched on September 29, 2014 By Weigel Broadcasting. Seems to be similar to METV.
  2. jbod666

    WGN Replaced by WFLD on Shaw

    As of 07/11/14 Shaw had replaced WGN-CW with WFLD (Chicago). Both Hd & SD have been replaced...
  3. jbod666

    Conus locals

    Davenport IA (As of today) is still in CONUS for HD!!!!
  4. jbod666

    Conus locals

  5. jbod666


    Living in South Florida...Strong signal here
  6. jbod666

    satpro manhattan rs1933

    Yes, Using composite video (Yellow=Video, Red=Right Audio & White= Left Audio) RCA cables.....
  7. jbod666

    AAD Refund

    Just received $100+ refund check for unused balance from All American Direct!!!!!
  8. jbod666

    Get TV

    Get TV is on AMC 1 (21H) Tandberg encrypted.....
  9. jbod666

    Echostar 77W spot or CONUS

    Does anyone know if the Louisville locals located on Echostar 77W are still in CONUS or have they switched to spotbeam? Thanks for any help.....
  10. jbod666

    Bar Owner needs help

    I have been doing sports programming for a bar in Flolrida for several years. If you use the Network feeds (not NFL ST feeds). you can get away with it. What the spotters are looking for is the NFL ST special commercial breaks. If they spot one then they have the bar red handed. However if the...