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  1. satgirl51

    New HD in test PAC 12 Network

    Posted by "Gary Toma" New HD in Testing PAC12 HD Ch 612 D12@103CA TP 10
  2. satgirl51

    New Directv HR54 and H44 models

    I have been told that the new HR54-700, HR54-200, H44-500 and H44-100 are in testing right now, sorry I don't know much more details than they exist, which some here may already know but it was news to me so I thought I would just share and post it. Again sorry if this is old news. Just didn't...
  3. satgirl51

    New HD channels in testing

    260 We TV HD 346 BBC World News HD 557 Sundance TV HD 260 We is from D11 and other 2 from D14
  4. satgirl51

    Directv D14 live, directv D10 down (update: D10 now working)

    Looks like directv d10 (103cb)has failed and the new d14 (99ca)just fired up and is broadcasting the old d10 channels from what I read on another site.