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  1. cardinalrooter

    Attention Bob Dylan Fans

    Bob Dylan's Latest recording, Tempest, is available on MP3 for $5.00 @
  2. cardinalrooter

    Bob Babbitt, dies at 74

    Bob Babbit, legendary bass player has died. Babbitt, played bass for The Funk Brothers who were the house band for Motown records. Mr. Babbitt's sound can be heard on hundreds of Motown hit recordings. Mr. Babbitt died from complications from brain cancer in Nashville, Tennessee. He leaves...
  3. cardinalrooter

    XM New Channels

    Bought a XM Edge to receive the new channels, found Channel 300 not on my radio. Called XM listener care, asked if 300, the party channel was inactive, after 15 minutes, rep decided on a refresh, still not on. Checked XM internet online, nothing there either. Anyone else have this concern...
  4. cardinalrooter

    Happy Birthday Stan Musial

    " Baseball's greatest warrior, baseball's perfect knight", Stan "The Man" Musial celebrates along with Cardinal Nation his 91st birthday today. Happy Birthday, to one of the classiest players of all time.
  5. cardinalrooter

    RIP Bob Forsch

    St Louis Cardinal's third leading all-time win leader, Bob Forsch, has died at the age of 61. Forsch had thrown out the first pitch in the World Series 7th game this year. He is the only Cardinal to have thrown two no-hitters. His first was April 16th, 1978, against the Phillies. I was one of...
  6. cardinalrooter

    Looking for a 100 mile HD UHF VHF Antenna

    Anyone have any knowledge of a 100 mile capability HD VHF, UHF OTA TV antenna? Trying to receive Chicago DMA Channels
  7. cardinalrooter

    Dish drops KWQC

    Dish Network dropped KWQC Davenport Iowa at 6:OO pm tonight.
  8. cardinalrooter

    Direct TV Install

    Will Direct TV techs do a new dish install on a house roof? I have seen new Direct dish installs and they have been mounted on a pole in a yard. I've had Dish Network since 1998, and can no longer take Charlie's B.S.
  9. cardinalrooter

    MLB Network on Dish?

    MLB Network is slated to air January 1, 2009. According to Baseball Biz News Dish Network is not scheduled to launch the channel. Has anyone heard or read anything on MLB on Dish. Also. has any one seen or heard if CEO cheapskate Charlie reconsidered agreeing to launch MLB Extra Innings, or...