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  1. toucan-man

    Hispasat 30W-6 launch

    SpaceX launch 9 hours ago from this posting,
  2. toucan-man

    enquiring mind wants to know, in Arizona

    I figured someone here might be willing to help this person out who is seeking an ongoing bargain package, advice on equipment, etc., Wonder if they've got the skills to do an install on their own ?
  3. toucan-man

    The Titanium Future Product Line Dream Thread

    I'm with northgeorgia, an H-to-H motor that can handle whatever dish you throw at it (1.8 Prodelin ?), that's a nice dream to have to hope to come true. What else you guys dreaming of ?
  4. toucan-man

    GEOSATpro MicroHD subtitles missing

    Is this kind of thing being investigated/corrected these days ? Two feeds with subtitle issues, Democracy Now, 125W SD 12169 H 4444 - no subtitles when watching, but if recorded and the .ts file is played in VLC media player, subtitles are there. NBC's The Voice, 103W - no Spanish...
  5. toucan-man

    step right up...

    But will he change the cat's litter box, if you'd like ? WANTED - YOUR HELP TESTING SOME LNBs. . I have several LNBs for DirectV and Dish Net satellite dishes, and I don't know if they work. If you have a satellite dish system that uses any of these LNB models, or fits them and would work...
  6. toucan-man

    Birdview spoon

    Did anything good ever come of this? I believe you and Anole were plotting and scheming...
  7. toucan-man

    hornet invasion - post yours

    One of the hazards of the satellite obsession is hornets. And it's not just C-band. I've two Ku invasions this year, the one in the photo, and a mess of them on another Primestar dish where the little buggers are dwelling inside the hollow LNBF holder's arm. Luckily this morning it is a sluggish...
  8. toucan-man

    wanted: 10' dish to appear in a movie

    Found this mildly amusing. Help support the indie film scene in Pittsburgh...
  9. toucan-man

    53.0°W Intelsat 707 Ku - Canal 27 Guatemala

    Does anyone here ever watch this ? Does your household consider it worth pointing a dish at ?
  10. toucan-man

    Ray Dolby R.I.P.
  11. toucan-man

    1983 press photo

    The photo is distorted, but that's one beefy looking dish in the foreground,
  12. toucan-man

    105.0°W AMC 15 Ku

    Is Macy's still a hot tp on this bird ?
  13. toucan-man

    Would you aim a BUD in St Louis MO for $150 ?

    This ad is a bit old, might be worth someone's time,
  14. toucan-man

    Luken Communications Files For Bankruptcy After $47.4 Million "Fraudulent Transfer" Verdict Against

    Do we get Equity back now? :rolleyes:
  15. toucan-man

    30W Soyuz TV

    A new channel on Hispasat 12050H 27500 I was hoping it would be along the lines of NASA TV. Instead it's the Russian Orthodox Church. In Russian.
  16. toucan-man

    help wanted to set up motorized system - Harrisburg, PA

    For what it's worth ...
  17. toucan-man

    In September 2012, a Uruguayan presidential decree banned the sale of AZBox STBs and other similar b
  18. toucan-man

    Dish Network Wins $6.4M Judgment Against Little Saigon Satellite Pirate

    Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drone. Time for this one to come home. ...Nguyen, who failed to show up at the hearing...
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    Port St. Lucie, FL
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    Kijiji, eBay, and Craigslist dishes for you to take a look at

    more Craigslist dishes for your perusal $299 - 10' Paraclipse hydro - Oro Valley, AZ Ajak!