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    South Asian Package loses channels, price remains same

    In an example of DISH not adjusting pricing, the South Asian Hindi Mega Pack lost a couple of channels like Star Plus and Star Bharat, as the Star network stopped their broadcast operations in the US on DISH and focused primarily on streaming their channels via the Hotstar app. DISH is still...
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    Free voice remote upgrade for my Hopper 3!

    I just checked my account online, and saw an offer for a free voice remote upgrade. That is nice of them, considering I have been with them for more than 14 years now! The remote upgrade is with no strings, all I have to do is click "Redeem Now". It is little things like this that can help...
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    Hopper 3 audio issue: low volume

    My Hopper 3 seems to have an audio issue. When I keep the audio settings at Dolby digital and volume leveling off, the volume is very low and I have crank my Sony sound bar to more than 50% to hear normal volume and the audio sounds over compressed. When I switch it to PCM then I lose all audio...
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    DISH ETF Contract Buyout option on MyDISH

    Two days ago when I was on and looking at my account, at the very bottom, there was a button for DISH ETF Contract Buyout, I clicked on it and it described something about DISH wanting to cover upto $250 of the contract, incidentally, I am 1 year away from my contract expiring. Has...
  5. H and contract status

    I think it would be a great idea for dish to include information about the contract on Even information stating when the last contract was signed and when it expires would be very useful. Verizon does that on their web site for every mobile device in contract, then why not DISH?
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    My Introductory Savings

    I logged into today and found the "my introductory savings" section at the very bottom. When clicked, it shows various new customer discounts available on the various packages and a good description of terms. I wonder why is it showing on my account? Do others see this? Sounds like a...
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    Finally got the Hopper 3: Very impressed

    After debating with myself over the last few months, ever since a DISH CSR said I qualify for a free upgrade, I finally took the step and got the upgrade installed yesterday. All I can say is "wow". The user interface is huge leap forward, and they have taken many of the UI concepts from Android...
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    Replacing HWS with Hopper 3, does it require a tech?

    How different is the install for Hopper 3 compared to a HWS install? I thought I could just switch out the equipment, but DISH CSR says they need a tech on site since it significantly different. Are there significant wiring changes involved? Just wanted to understand the difference.
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    BBC America

    What is the purpose of this channel's existence? There is hardly anything besides Star Trek and CSI reruns. Where are the BBC programs? DISH should have terminated this channel before Esquire. What do you all think? Sent from my iPad using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    AMC streaming and DISH

    Does anyone know when DISH will be available as an option to stream content from AMC? Every other cable company on this planet seems to be listed, except DISH. Is there another contract renewal coming soon?
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    DISH - CenturyLink Nightmare

    Perhaps I should not have done this in the first place, but I had phone internet and TV bundled through DISH. In my areas internet and phone is provided through CenturyLink in partnership with DISHNet Wireline. I have had the internet service and phone service for about 1 year. I finally...
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    More competition for DISH from Amazon Video

    Not that Showtime and Starz have that much compelling content anymore, but Amazon has introduced add on subscriptions to their Amazon Prime Instant Video offering. The price is lower than what DISH officially charges, $8.99/month for each. This gives access to their complete library on demand...
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    Latino packages and MSNBC

    I was checking out the Latino packages yesterday, and could not find MSNBC listed on any of them. Is it true that it is not included or the list somehow does not show it?
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    Epix free for 12 months

    Looks like Dish added Epix free for 12 months to my account today. Now that is a deal. Looks like this is a season of freebies. HBO at $10, Starz free for three months. A great retention strategy, but wonder how the numbers work out for DISH!
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    HLN to be renamed Forensic Files Channel -FFC

    That's all the programming seems to be on that channel most of the time. Why not just call the channel what it is?
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    Fox Business now at AT120

    Fox Business is now available to all subs at AT120 and higher!
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    HDMI to component converter recommendations

    I have a optoma H31 projector, that according to spec can display high definition. It has DVI and component inputs. I have it currently hooked up using component from my Onkyo receiver. I would like to connect HDMI sources such as Chromecast or Apple TV to the receiver so I can use the...
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    Netflix app on Joey?

    I am sorry if this has been discussed earlier, but does anyone know when we should expect to see the Netflix app deployed on the Joey?
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    My experience with Hopper with Sling upgrade

    As I recently mentioned, I upgraded my VIP722k to the Hopper with Sling as DISH was willing to do a free upgrade as I was a customer in good standing. After the upgrade, the first Hopper had a failed hard drive within 2 weeks, and it turns out that was a re-furbished unit. I am a bit...
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    Hopper with Sling freezing on DVR playback..and a bad CSR

    I recently got Hopper with Sling, less than 2 weeks ago. Today while watching recorded programs, the DVR would freeze repeatedly every few minutes and unfreeze and continue playing. It seems to happen only with HD programs, but not SD programs ( maybe coincidence?). The Hopper is being sluggish...