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  1. fayrich


    Have finally finished my provider "rebuild" after dumping DTV and their $130 plus per month with no so called premium channels. Have had Vue for over a month now, and am very happy with it. We have all but a couple of the channels we watch, so the ability to watch most of our favorite shows...
  2. fayrich

    Tablo Guide(s)

    Finished installing and setting up my new Tablo OTA DVR today. Wondering about the differences between the free and the $5 per month guide. If anyone here has had experience with and is familiar with both, I would really appreciate your input. I have the $5 one free for a month, but I will...
  3. fayrich

    Problem With PS VUE

    Was watching the Celtics vs. Hawks game on DTV last night. Signal was lost due to the late season wet/heavy snow building up on the dish. So I thought, no big deal. I switched over to Vue to continue watching there. But Vue was not working either. WTF??!! This is the service that I am...
  4. fayrich


    Found out the hard way that Roku has no channel/program guide for Vue. OK, since I purchased an inexpensive Roku Express for the 7 day free trial just to get the feel of it. Can anyone confirm that the Amazon Fire TV box does have one? Would really like to know for sure before spending the...
  5. fayrich


    Considering 2 vehicles for when I go with Vue. Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Have been researching both but would like actual user input and opinions on both from fellow forum members.
  6. fayrich

    PS Vue - Recording Question

    Considering going with Vue instead of cable or satellite. Need to know how setting up recording works. Do you set individual shows to record from the programming grid? (Assuming they have such.) And can you set up an entire series to record? Used to doing it this way with my DTV. Any help...
  7. fayrich


    All of a sudden Time Warner is no more and Spectrum has magically appeared. Seemingly making new and different offerings. Used to be a bundle of tv, internet and phone for $90. Now it's each service separately for $30 each. Still $90. What's different is the internet "starting speed" of 60...
  8. fayrich

    10' Mesh Dish, Free to Good Home

    Not running an ad here, but I have a 10 foot mesh dish that's still in pretty good shape that I would be happy to have someone take. Have not used it for a few years so don't know if the H to H actuator will still work as I have disconnected everything. I am in the Cleveland area. If anyone...
  9. fayrich

    JPEG to PDF

    Wondering if anyone has found a JPEG to PDF converter that works well and is actually free and not just a free short term trial. Appreciate any help anyone can give.
  10. fayrich


    Wondering why the number of new posts has gotten so high over last few weeks. Approx. double it seems to me. Is this legit or some kind of software change?
  11. fayrich


    :sorrowSad news yesterday that "Hot Rod" had passed away from cancer. First heard of his condition earlier in the week, and knew from the sound of it that it wouldn't be long. Really enjoyed watching him and his Cavaliers teams at the time. RIP "Hot Rod".
  12. fayrich

    Bart Starr and Brett Favre

    Really enjoyed seeing Bart Starr entering the field at Lambeu Field to a thunderous standing ovation last night. Then the greeting and embrace with Brett Favre. Two classy old warriors. What a wonderful moment. Something that we will never see again. Loved it.
  13. fayrich

    Signal Strength of Locals?

    Does anyone know which satellite and transponder(s) the Cleveland local stations are on? I keep losing them due to "rain fade" and would like to check their signal strength. Even though I am paying the monthly fee for the service contract, DTV will not send a tech out to repeak the dish...
  14. fayrich


    Here's a good one guys. My DVR is a HR24-500. We record a show automatically every weekday. One day last week, went to watch it after supper. Wasn't there. First time that ever happened. Waited a few days for it to show up on "on demand". Found the missing episode there, but strangely it...
  15. fayrich


    I remember this subject being discussed before, but have been unable to locate the thread. My problem is intermittent but very annoying when it occurs. It sometimes takes 5 - 10 seconds for the receiver to respond. I know some possible remedies have been recommended in the past. So anyone...
  16. fayrich


    Wondering if it is possible to use a slingbox or other such device to get satellite channels to a remote tv with wi-fi set-up in my house. I have a smart tv in our patio enclosure that is using a terrestrial tv antenna hook-up only. Impossible to get any wiring out to it, but it hooks up...
  17. fayrich

    Happy For Phil Dawson

    :clap So glad to see Dawson kick the winning 3 pointer for the Niners yesterday. If anyone deserves to be on a winning playoff team, it is him. He was Mr. Reliable for the Browns from the time they returned in 1999 thru the 2012 season. Then the "Three Stooges" in their infinite wisdom let...
  18. fayrich


    This past Sunday we were watching a movie on the Hallmark Channel. It ran from 9 - 11PM. Around 10:30 I started recording the last half hour of the movie. The next day when I started the replay, it had recorded almost the entire movie. Only about the first 5 minutes or so were not recorded...
  19. fayrich


    This has gotten to be a total pain in the a** for recording shows. Especially for me because I only have a 2 tuner DVR. There are a couple nights a week when there are 3 shows we like to watch on at the same time. The only saving grace is that one of those nights the 3rd show is on TNT. And...
  20. fayrich

    Tried To Add Showtime But Cannot

    :rant:Went online to my account today to add Showtime to my package so we would be able to watch Dexter. A message came up saying that I could not. That I would have to upgrade my package. What the hell kind of bullsh** is this??!! I currently have "Choice Extra Classic", and I have...