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  1. Ned Dorsey

    Not able to hop through commercials for past week

    Since about Sunday, May 12 my Hopper no longer shows the red Hopper indicator on PTAT recordings, nor prompts to hop through commercials when starting to play a recorded show. I assume I would see a 100+ page thread here if Dish abandoned the hopping feature, so my Hopper must have a problem...
  2. Ned Dorsey

    Software bug? PrimeTime Anytime recordings missing after Seek & Record episode recorded

    I've discovered a possible software bug that perhaps others could confirm? I've confirmed this with 2 Seek & Record timers that also record during PrimeTime Anytime: Family Guy and Two and a Half Men. The night of the PrimeTime recordings the shows are in the PTAT folder, but by the next evening...
  3. Ned Dorsey

    L2.98 > L4.11 - Not much new that I notice

    Last night my 522 got upgraded from L2.98 to L4.11 I never saw L3.83 Some new features with L4.11 that I noticed: • In the Recorded Shows List it now shows "Episode (#)" and "Original Air Date" - handy if you record a lot of not-new episodes. • You can now "Rename" recorded shows - handy...
  4. Ned Dorsey

    Reproducible tuner audio/video sync problem every morning my 522

    I've got my 522 in single mode. M-F I have an AutoTune timer set to tune to the morning news at 5:30am, so if I wake up at 6:30 I can rewind an hour and catch the news from the beginning. My EPG shows that the tuner is happening on "TV1". The problem I experience is when swapping to "TV2", I...
  5. Ned Dorsey

    New Episode Timer Warning: 2005 programs set to be skipped

    I was reviewing my timers this morning and noticed that new versions of "Fear Factor" and "Las Vegas" with new, 2005 episodes on Jan. 3 are set to be skipped due to non-current season episodes. I'm not sure if this will change on Jan. 1 - but it's something to look out for. Another thing I've...
  6. Ned Dorsey

    Where is the Hard Drive Diagnostics Test?

    I've seen several people mention they've seen their hard drive do diagnostics, but I have not. On my 522 (L2.08) I navigate the menus to System Setup > Diagnostics and "Hard Drive" is greyed out. :confused: BTW, my receiver is in Single Mode - if that makes a difference.
  7. Ned Dorsey

    Anyone experience this problem?

    I got home last night, looked at my DVR events list, and my M-F 4:00PM recording of "The Screen Savers" was STILL recording. The length of the program was over 6 hours and counting. :confused: In the almost 3 months that I've had my 522 - I've never seen THIS before. FYI, I'm running in...
  8. Ned Dorsey

    Timer padding annoyance and problem

    When recording an show from the guide my 522 always defaults to padding an extra 1 minute at the begging of the show and 3 minutes at the end. I never use timer padding - is there any way to make these to default to "0" so I don't have to manually switch this on every show I record? A problem...