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  1. reddice

    Want to come back to DirecTV hate Dish.

    I really hate Dish Network. We had DirecTV years ago and stupidly went back to Dish Network. First I live in NYC and they took off Sportnet which my mother was ticked off at. Never came back. Now disputes are also getting annoying. They took of channels like FX and AMC which came back after...
  2. reddice

    Screech sound when changing channels.

    I just got a new TV. Toshiba 39L2300 and whenever I change channels from a SD to HD channel on my 612DVR it makes a loud screech noise for a second. I have the Zvox soundbar hooked up directly from the TV using the standard RCA audio 2 channel stereo connection. It is becoming very annoying...
  3. reddice

    Repoint EA Dish?

    Since the storm on Monday our signal has been very weak on 72.7. Our locals on 61.5 all come in fine but on a few 72.7 channels I am only getting about 14% signal. When I tune to many HD channels it says complete signal loss. I called Dish up but they won't come to service it until November...
  4. reddice

    Why can't I watch TV when the guide downloads.

    My guide seems to always get corrupted at least once a month on my 612 with only 13 timers most inactive. The other three 612's one with over 80 timers most active never corrupts and the other ones either. Last month I had to run a check switch. Well today I put on the receiver and go into...
  5. reddice

    Are they giving Hopper's to new subscribers?

    Forgive me if this was answered somewhere else but I don't want to have to read through pages of posts to find it search just confuses me more. My uncle who lives in PA just switched form DirecTV to Dish and they said they gave him a new receiver that can record up to six TV's. I talked to...
  6. reddice

    612ViP HD channels are now twice as loud.

    Since the software update the HD channels are twice as loud. When I put it on a SD channel the volume level is normal but when I tune to a HD channel it is twice as loud just as loud as the OTA channels hooked to the TV. I searched this forum and found no one is having this problem.
  7. reddice

    Confused. Some HD channels keeping moving from 61.5 to 72.7 back to 61.5.

    I noticed certain channels like Nick, CN, Spike, TWC would be on 61.5 one day and then the next day it would be on 72.7. Right now those channels are on 72.7 but a couple of days ago they were on 61.5 before that they were on 72.7. I don't see anything with the uplink report that has changed...
  8. reddice

    QPSK and 8PSK. Whats the difference?

    Is it true that one arc uses one than the other arc? Are all the receivers compatible with both standards and does it anything to do with MPEG 2/4? I am on the EA.
  9. reddice

    $6 DVR service fee?

    What is this? I though since I have a 612 (the first one is free) and three 510's (which are a $10.00 fee each) then why is there a $6 DVR service fee?
  10. reddice

    When is 61.5 going to get a new bird?

    The bird there I don't know which one is dying. 129 got one that they really needed now 61.5 needs one bad.
  11. reddice

    IONW 217 Missing from Eastern Arc.

    I just noticed since I got the Eastern Arc installed on Wednesday is channel 217 is missing. I don't care much since it is not in HD but I wonder why it is not on 72 or 77 orbit.
  12. reddice

    Eastern Arc defaults to differnet satellites.

    I noticed channels like HDNet Movies when I had the two dish hookup it would be on 61.5. Now with the EA I notice it now say 72. Even channels like HBO and SyFy are on 72. USA is now on 61.5. Weird though.
  13. reddice

    They would not install my Dish 1000.4.

    I am fuming today. I had the tech guy come and when he did he said that he could not install a EA dish because of the three 510 DVR's. I told him that it was to be installed on my 612 DVR. He refused to install it saying you get the HD channels on 61.5. He then called Dish and did a rehit...
  14. reddice

    New York City Digital Over the Air reception stinks.

    I can't believe how bad it is. I tried two antenna's. First a Terk antenna and then the radio shack UFO antenna and all I can pull in clear is WABC 7 (green to yellow), WNJU 47 (solid green) and a stupid waste religious garbage WFME 29 (solid green) which I pull in the strongest and it is...
  15. reddice

    Finally upgrading to a HDTV but have questions?

    I been wanted to get a HDTV for a while. I could always afford despite my gripes here it it is just that my Grandmother which is the owner of the house would not let me get one. My old crappy analog TV 27" monstrosity which I still don't know how I am going to take out of my small room with its...
  16. reddice

    Switched back to Dish Network.

    Well we finally did it. We switched back to Dish Network. We originally had Dish in 2000 and we had them for a few years and did not have problems until the sw64 switch was installed then we had nothing but problems so we switched to DirecTV which was a big mistake. We did not like DirecTV at...
  17. reddice

    522 on one TV. Many questions?

    We will most likely be switching back to Dish from DirecTV which we don't like much. As for the installation can they install a 522 for one tv so I can use the duel tuning and can they install 3 regular 510's. On the website it only shows TV's 1 and 2 for the 522 and TV 3 for the 510 and TV 4...