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  1. Cheddar_Head

    Dish probably just lost me as a customer

    I've been a satisfied customer for 12+ years. Due to the need to cut back expenses I've been contemplating dropping Dish but have held off because I do not like any of the linear streaming services, especially the "DVR" they offer. BUT today I called Dish because I've been having intermittent...
  2. Cheddar_Head

    Dish Pause and Locals

    Dish must be really wanting to get people off of have the locals via satellite. Recently came off Dish Pause for the umpteenth time and this is the first time they restored my programming without the locals activated. Yes, I had satellite provided locals when I went on Dish Pause. Since I...
  3. Cheddar_Head

    Sony 75X900e and Dish Hopper3 HDMI/HDCP issue

    Sony 75X900e and Dish Hopper3 HDMI/HDCP issue in the last couple of weeks. Every time the Hopper3 goes into standby mode then comes out I have a picture but no sound, also the Dish 4K channels refuse to play. The ONLY way that I have found to fix the issue is by disconnecting/reconnecting the...
  4. Cheddar_Head

    U518 errors

    Last night multiple errors when trying to watch on my Hopper3. Upgrade to U518 occured in last few days. 1) Unable to change channels at all 2) Insisted on connecting to my 4K TV using 480i, I would change in settings but the change would not save properly. 3) Very sloooooow in responding to...
  5. Cheddar_Head

    Australian Rules

    Anyone on here subscribes to the AFL Australian Rules package? Interested to know if the service streams smoothly.
  6. Cheddar_Head

    Fox Soccer Plus not in HD

    Come on $15 per month and no option to watch in HD, Dish get with the times. /End Rant
  7. Cheddar_Head

    EPG and Recording Indication

    Earlier this week I set up my Hopper 3 to record the Australian Football League (AFL) matches on FS2 using the EPG, the little red indicator came on indicating that they matches would be recorded. I checked the EPG last night and the red indicator was gone so I selected them again. I then...
  8. Cheddar_Head

    VIP722 and Sony HT NT5 Issue

    I currently have the following setup: VIP722 Sony 65X810C 4K TV Sony HT NT5 Soundbar The VIP722 is connected via HDMI to the HT NT5 with the video passed to the TV. When I turn the system on the VIP722 immediately reboots, goes through the finding satellite screen and starts working in 5-10...
  9. Cheddar_Head

    722 Loses Sound

    HD 722 connected to Samsung 4042 via HDMI loses the sound portion of the signal. The signal drops on everything coming through the 722, HD and OTA. The only fix seems to be to turn the TV off and on, turning the 722 on and off does not fix the problem. I never had the problem prior to getting...