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  1. Atheist Peace

    i think this is a computer network question.

    I am looking to share movies and music from my main computer over my wired network thru my router out thru my switches to my network connected TVs to play on the various TVs. can this be done and if so what do i need to make it work?
  2. Atheist Peace

    screen saver

    how do you turn the screen saver off?
  3. Atheist Peace

    moving: advice on multi plexers

    I am moving and for reasons I can not use movers connection. so I am moving my dish and spliters my self. I have a dish with 4 outputs to the house. inside I have 2 multi plexers. one is a zinwell and I believe it uses 2 cables to each receiver. and I have a swim that takes a power lead and i...