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  1. Keith Brannen

    Press TV on 97W

    Press TV is back, now on 12029 H 22000.
  2. Keith Brannen

    RTVE and REVN Gone From 97W

    Title says it all. The slot for REVN has been replaced by another channel, and RTVE's slot no longer scans in.
  3. Keith Brannen

    Montana PBS Cure

    Many of us have experienced problems while trying to receive a stable Montana PBS that doesn't do a SQ 75 (or whatever) to 0 dance causing pixelation, freeze-ups, etc. Most recently posted here: (see my...
  4. Keith Brannen

    Neutrino Now Available

    Neutrino is now available for first generation (Premium, Premium Plus, Elite, Ultra) AZBoxes: Set Top Boxes, Media Center: High Definition | AZBOX (then click on the Neutrino - First AZ generation tab) Personally, I'll wait until others try it. I don't like the fact that apparently...
  5. Keith Brannen

    AMC21 (125) LPB Mux

    Scanned in a fifth channel in the mux (12069 H 12474) Scans in as OBE, SID:8 V:129 (H264) A:132 (AC3) PCR:129 Earlier today it scanned in, no picture, and there wasn't an audio PID. Currently showing the same as LPBHD, but showing it in full screen mode, and while there is an audio PID...
  6. Keith Brannen

    New firmware released- Azbox-0.9.5308 (07-07-2011)

    5308 now out (just at AZBox Snapshots so far) DVBS.dat is now split between ku and c band ( to use this new file, after install perform a factory restore ) | fixed the dutch iso369 string | added 2 new dvbc countries : dutch and ukraine ( testing ) | fixed the epg detail scrolling | fixed the...
  7. Keith Brannen

    Has SCETV Left 63W Early?

    While I know they are leaving July 31st, I have not been getting anything on 11960 V 4856 since at least yesterday afternoon. However, I am still getting the SCETV colour bars at 11951 V 2068 (which never has been as strong as the mux on 11960, and sometimes don't get it, whereas 11960 has...
  8. Keith Brannen

    SCETV on 63 West

    Either they have replaced the batteries, or got a new hamster (the usual jokes), but their signal has been boosted! In the year and a half that I have been pointed at the satellite I have never seen such high levels. Normally, it usually hovers around 30 on the Pansat (which occasional brief...
  9. Keith Brannen

    LNB Blinder (Interference Reduction)

    I am in very good area for AMC4 (101) (EIRP of at least 50) so am able to get very good signal quality on all FTA channels. This is with an LNB which is six degrees off centre on a 60e dish. The lowest is 45 (threshold on a Pansat is usually around 30 for most channels) and a lot are quite a bit...
  10. Keith Brannen

    Three Years Ago Today...

    ... I took the plunge into FTA and setup my first dish (on then G10R - 123). I still can remember the great joy (and probably even greater relief) when I finally found my first signal (even if it was the wrong satellite)! Of course, at the time I didn't realise the very, very, addictive...
  11. Keith Brannen

    Retrojams Back On G10R and a new Fox channel added

    12113 V 4444 (used to be $Lat TV west/east) scans in as: KBZT v: 201 a: 202 (AC3 only) pcr: 201 RETROJAMS v: 101 a: 102 (AC3 only) pcr: 101 both showing the same thing right now.
  12. Keith Brannen

    Uenss (kuen) Amc-5

    There is a notice on the mux that they are ceasing satellite broadcast at the end of the month. Don't know whether this means KUEN will also disappear from the satellite as well, or just the distance learning channels. Went to their website and the only information listed was they have converted...
  13. Keith Brannen

    EMP Centauri 8 x 1 (GOTO nn switch)

    For background information, when I first got into this so-called hobby back in May of 2006, I bought universal LNBs at first, not knowing (or even imagining) that in about six months time I'd have three dishes and eight LNBs. As I needed more space on my DiSEqC switch, I'd replace a universal...
  14. Keith Brannen

    Laughing At Myself

    Decided to move one of my dishes today back along the wall about seven or eight inches to get it farther away from my Star Choice dish, just in case it was blocking some signals. (see attached photo for setup prior to move, the middle dish was moved). So as I begin to tear down the dish...