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  1. grydlok

    Fios Quantum DVR install

    Verizon has been bombarding me with messages to get Quantum. It's still not worth the money for me yet but a friend of mind likes it.
  2. grydlok

    Direct TV said they can't install

    Stub mount doesn't require braces and should fit on a comdex
  3. grydlok

    Installer refused to remove his dirty boots

    not the same house... Technically you can it varies from state to state. Pretty much if you tell someone to remove a safety device you just inherited the responsibility of insuring nothing happens to them. "Pretty much your saying take your shoes off because my floors are in good shape and...
  4. grydlok

    Installer refused to remove his dirty boots

    Actually Jerk.. this was not the same person and I broke no rules at this guys house!!!!!! I learned from my 1st mistake and kept my feet covered. This was a customer home that was much later in my time (years!!!) now I broke no rules and I if didn't tear my MCL and ACL just simply walking...
  5. grydlok

    Used DECA kits?

    They don't want them back
  6. grydlok

    Installer refused to remove his dirty boots

    Nope i sued a different customer, and I did have a conscience the jerk ass customer didn't when he saw me trip over crap I ask them to clean up and tore my acl that cost me a year of my livelihood. All he did and went and checked his home owners insurance and ask would directv send out another...
  7. grydlok

    Installer refused to remove his dirty boots

    I took my boots off at a customer home and a lady dropped a glass on my foot. Hurt like hell for 2 days....Boots stay on...You may say the customer is the reason you have the job but that the same customer half the time that won't move crap out the way or have the stuff moved away from the...
  8. grydlok

    2012 SatelliteGuys Holiday Party Prize List!

    so do we have to post in a thread to enter?
  9. grydlok

    Genie client (c31?) won't power back up

    I was about to say we discovered that the other day CCK's will keep them from turning off sometimes.
  10. grydlok

    What do you use to play games on!

    The PC Wii X Box Playstation Asus Transformer
  11. grydlok

    Where are my Satellite Guy's gamers at?

    I took a break from Skyrim and went through KoA in about a week. Now I am going back to finish my second go around with Skyrim
  12. grydlok

    Need new phone, have stupid questions..

    let the Nexus one die and move on to either a LTE device(Sky Rocket) or check Craigslist for a Nexus S with AT&T bands
  13. grydlok

    Do you have the latest HD User Interface?

    I got the NR on an HR20-700
  14. grydlok

    Does GPS Work on Innactive Phone?

    agps will not work
  15. grydlok

    CE's for Labor Day Weekend

    It's is a Public test yes, but doesn't mean to blab it out to ever damn gadget blog because you trying to get in with Engadget. This little Satguys vs DBStalk crap is childish
  16. grydlok

    How does Verizon handle refunds (billing error)?

    Verizon will not send a refund if you over pay them. my $.02
  17. grydlok

    Google buying Motorola Mobility

    Google should have bought Palm.
  18. grydlok

    I thought this was not possible.

    So LG, once again dropped the ball. LOL the fails continue