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    12FT Mesh Dish Repairs - Need Advice

    Yesterday I discovered a tear in the Wire Mesh of my 12 Footer where the wire mesh had detached itself away from one of the Ribs right in the middle of the Dish. We had 2 Blizzards here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada last winter and I think wacking the dish with a long broom to clear the snow may...
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    Me Tv Signal Quality on SES 101 - has it lost some power?

    We watch Chicago Me Tv every day on SES 101 (3725 V 10000 -3/4) but as of Last Friday the Signal S = 90 but my Q has dropped drastically from around 65 down to 38 to 41 and breaking up at times. I use a 12 ft Mesh Dish with Norsat LNB's. Also Decades and other Tp's on SES 101 are still okay...
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    36 Volt Von Weise Actuator with possible Optical Sensor. How To Fix?

    The 24 Volt Von Weise Actuator on my 12 Foot Mesh Dish is frozen or not moving I get the E2 Error Message but I can move it slightly 1 or 2 steps till E2 comes up. It is 8 years old and very rusty. I want to replace it with with a 36 Volt Von Weise Actuator that runs well but has a circuit...
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    Gabshere's Von Weiss Actuator Rebuild Procedure

    Is there a way to get a copy of Gabshere's excellent Von Weiss Step By Step Actuator rebuild procedure. It was on these pages about 8 years ago around June 2008. My Von Weiss Actuator has seized up - that is my 12 Footer Mesh Dish with VBox II will only stay on Sat 97 its default position. When...
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    Will a Shaw 600 Friends & Family Receiver Update its FW If Plugged In At Original Location

    I helped my niece set up her Shaw Direct a year ago. She has a friends and family Shaw 600 Rx that wasn't working except for 2 channels when she returned from vacation last week. The 600 Shaw Receiver at the Head End had been working in late Dec due to a Firmware Upgrade in December by the Shaw...
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    Need Info On Playing Media Player Files On OpenBox X3

    I purchased a new Openbox X3 HD Satellite Receiver in June and as far as moving my Dish and scanning in about 10 Satellites it has worked well. My question is the X3's instruction Manual isn't much help re how to play Video files from a 2 TB Seagate External Hard Drive I got with some Movie...
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    Where to get 3rd party Repositories For Boxee Box?

    I am still learning how to usemy new Boxee Box, but where do you get the 3rd Party Repositories url's for Boxee Box? Everything I try is rejected, is there a special URL you have to type in? Any help or assistance would be much appreciated.
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    Roku 2 XS Plex Media Problems

    Just wondering if anyone has had problems with Plex Media on Roku 2 XS. I loaded the Plex Server and Player, unfortunately after 3 hours of loading all kinds of great looking feeds the appearance of them on my Roku 2 was hit and miss?? Sometimes it was there and sometimes not - finally deleted...
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    Which Satellites Carrying Pro Football Besides 99.0W?

    Besides channel KCWY 13 which is only in SD on Galaxy 16 (99.0W) does anyone know if there are any other Satellites carrying NFL Football possibly in HD?
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    How To Fix V Box III F2 Error Message?

    My Satellite Dish normally sits on my True South Bird 97.0W but I Left my Sat Dish on 105.0W on the weekend to watch NASA updates on the Curiosity Mars Rover. Yesterday tried to move the Mesh Dish back to 97.0W but I kept getting the dreaded F2 error message on my V Box III and the Dish would...
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    Ground Mounting Ideas Needed for 39 Inch Fortec Star Dish with Stab Motor

    Well when the Roofers came last week to reshingle my roof they were good enough to take down down the entire 100cm (39 Inch) Fortec Star solid dish without even dismantling it. They just unscrewed it's 4 legs from my cedar post supports on the Roof and passed the entire Dish Down, - great...
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    My VBox III Positioner only goes to Position 66 - How do you get it to go up to Pos 99?

    Just discovered my V Box III which currently has 37 positions stored in it only goes up to a Maximum of 66 Positions ie Pos 66. The Manual says its capacity is for 99 Positions. I need the extra positions since I am using it to store positions on Both my AzBox and Openbox Sat Receivers. Does...
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    New Router Can't Connect to AzBox Premium Plus - Help Needed

    Today I replaced my 7 year old D Link Router with a new TRENDnet Router and so far I can't connect my AzBox Premium Plus Rx to this new Router when it is Password Protected. When the TRENDnet Router is NOT password Protected it works fine with the AzBox. I have tried just about everything...
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    How Do You Fix Duplicated Channels Openbox X3

    I have noticed a lot of duplicated Channels when Scanning in Channels on 97.0W, 99.0W and 95.0W on Both Ku and C Band. On my AzBox I could do an individual Scan for V and H Polarity preventing a lot of duplicated Channels. Does anyone know if there is a way to prevent the many duplicated...
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    How To Readjust & Store Sat Positions on V Box III with Openbox X3?

    I am in the process of Scanning in Satellites on my V Box III that I previously had stored on my Azbox Receiver. (I use DisEqC 1.0 to set the Port, and DisEqC1.2 for the Motor Setting). I am now trying to use these same Stored Positions on my new Openbox X3 Receiver. 37 Satellite Positions ie...
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    No TV Display on new Openbox X3 - Can Anyone Help?

    Finally got my USA Power Cord today for my new Openbox X3 Rx. The bad news is no matter what I try I can't get a display on my Pani HDTV on HDMI 3?? The X3 unit powers on and immediately goes or runs to No Channels on its internal display window. On my TV HDMI 1 is for my Bell Sub Rx, and...
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    Re-aiming Bell Dish After Roofing Job

    I'm about to get my house roof re shingled and contacted BellExpress Vu who said they could schedule an Installer to re calibrate the Dish the day after the shingles are done for a $75.00 charge. Now the Roofer has agreed to remount the Dish once the job is done. I have a ladder to climb...
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    Openbox X3 comes with Wider Asian Power Cord - Where Can I Get N/A Adapter?

    Well this is very dissappointing, just received my Openbox X3 HD PVR via DHL after just 6 days since ordering from China. But the problem is they shipped me a Power Cord that is way too wide for our North American 115 VAC Power Outlets. Does anyone know where I can get an AC Adapter to convert...
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    VBox III Dish Positioner- Can it be Used for 2 Sat Receivers?

    Can a VBox III be used for 2 Separate Satellite Receivers? Hope this is the correct forum. I Just purchased a new Openbox X3 Sat Rx and was wondering if anyone knows if my VBox III Dish Positioner can be used for a 2nd Sat Receiver, saving me having to reset and rescan 37 Satellites again...
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    SkyBox X3 USB WIFI Wireless NetCard what does it do?

    I noticed that with the newer Openbox X3 HD receiver there is an optional 150 meter (500 ft) range USB WIFI Wireless Network Card with antenna LAN Adapter available with an Antenna that plugs into the back of the X3 Receiver for an additional $9.89 US Funds. Does anyone know what this adapter's...