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  1. Jimbo

    Finally ordered 4K thru Directv

    Well, I finally broke down and called the Concessions dept and ordered my 4k equipment ... I figured now with the NFL being in 4k, a few games anyways, more will follow I hope. The first few times I called D* directly and they continued to ONLY want to give me the HS17, which I refused...
  2. Jimbo

    Directv 771 issuses

    Hi guys, I have an issue with the set up at the lake. I have a SWM dish with a new (just swapped out an old LNB) RB LNB (3), ran a new piece of coax to the PI (also swapped the PI out ... I'm getting a 771 error on the 500's and many 200's as well. When i look at the signal strength, the 101...
  3. Jimbo

    IR/RF question

    Hi guys ... I have a person I am trying to help out ... He just bought a Sports Bar and it has Directv already in place and working ... He has 10-12 TV's and a remote for each one (which is fine) The other day when I was over there, he was having trouble getting a remote to work the guide or...
  4. Jimbo

    Proven Innocent on Fox

    I didn't see a thread for this one ... Is anyone watching this ? I have seen Rachelle Lafevere in other things and thought I'd take a look at this ... Is it any good or should I skip it ? I have managed to record the most recent 3-4 episodes, but figured I'd start with the pilot ... I had to...
  5. Jimbo

    MLB 2019 Baseball season

    I know the baseball season is right around the corner ... Does anyone know when it actually start for real ?
  6. Jimbo

    Adding Internet to a HR24

    OK guys, I want to make sure I covered the options (or the reasonable ones) My friend called the other day and now has the Internet at the Cottage ... So, now she wants to add the Internet to the HR24 .... the obvious one is run ethernet from router to back of HR24 .... unfortunately her...
  7. Jimbo

    New GUI, Delete Recordings

    Hey guys, In the new gui, I have a list of maybe 15 different shows (much less than most I know) Anyways, I typically will Record a shows entire season and delete most just before the new season starts (like now) ... this allows me to rewatch the last few episodes from the previous year as...
  8. Jimbo

    Dark Angel (Jessica Alba)

    Ok guys, I didn't know where this should be posted, if need to move, go for it. I am looking to stream Dark Angel with Jessica Alba ... I watched it when it was current and would like to see it again. I have looked around but can't seem to find it ... (Isn't Everything being streamed now). I...
  9. Jimbo

    Adding another remote

    I need some help guys, its been a long time since I had to do this ... I have a friend that has a Genie HR44, maybe 34. She has 2 remotes set up to run the one box, her and her husband want thier own ... Well, they went and evidently lost the remote and need a replacement. I have a few...
  10. Jimbo

    Nascar 2018

    2018 Daytona 500 is SUNDAY ! For those of you that have been NASCAR fans for awhile now, the Twin 125's are tomorrow evening, setting the track positing for the 500.
  11. Jimbo

    MLB Options

    Hi guys, As some know, I most years consider getting the MLB Extra Innings package. My Detroit Tigers are no longer the Detroit Tigers .... With most of the main guys gone now, I would like to keep track of them. I have a feeling that J.D Martinez will end up in Boston (I hope anyways). Justin...
  12. Jimbo

    Issues with posting at the moment

    When I tried to post a few minutes ago, i got this instead ... Any ideas ? This was in the D* thread, I think I can post in other threads. Back to Access Denied - Sucuri Website Firewall If you are the site owner (or you manage this site), please whitelist your IP or if you think...
  13. Jimbo

    Looking for a new Roku

    Hi guys, I have a Roku 3 currently and it works fine, I'm thinking of giving it to my Sister and getting a new one ... Which new one is the question, there seems to be a bunch of them out there now ... Roku 4, Ultra, Premiere, Premire + .... not interested in the sticks. What are you guys...
  14. Jimbo

    NASCAR 2017

    Welcome to NASCAR 2017 Non Points Race tonight. Battle for Front Row tomorrow. The rest of the field on Thursday. I really like the way they do this for Daytona, heres hoping that NASCAR F* that up.
  15. Jimbo

    D* PPV on to tablet

    Hey guys, I don't typically do PPVs , but with me having a flight coming up real soon I was thinking about doing a PPV off of D*. Now I notice that all the D* PPVs are basically 2 day rentals ... Can I order this movie and download it to my tablet using the D* app ... you can do this with your...
  16. Jimbo

    RF modulator ?

    Guys, I have a hr24 at the lake and an old tube type TV in the bedroom up there with a coax run to it. The hr24 doesn't have a coax output as none do anymore. How do I get from something leaving the HR24 to coax to feed the other TV ? I looked at some RF Modulators, but they all use...
  17. Jimbo

    Mr. Hockey

    Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe passed away earlier today ... He was 88. R.I.P.
  18. Jimbo

    Directv King Quest

    Hi guys, anyone use one yet ? I just got one and it works great from what I can tell setting up in the back yard. It does only SD, but thats OK in the RV with the 32" TV, doesn't look bad at all. With it being SD only, it sees the 101 Sat, set it up changed the current HR24 back from SWM to...
  19. Jimbo

    HD Extra Package

  20. Jimbo

    Joe Garagiola has passed away

    R.I.P. Joe