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  1. VictoriaFTA

    Brand new Horizon 180 for sale

    What are you charging for it and how much is the cost to freight ship it to Chicago? Those things weigh a ton.
  2. VictoriaFTA

    FCC to sell c band spectrum

    They do help but in very heavy rain even an 8 ft+ solid dish can be affected by rain fade.
  3. VictoriaFTA

    FCC to sell c band spectrum

    The latest smartphones are downgrades in a lot of ways. I'm keeping my LG V20 until it breaks. The newer models no longer have a replaceable battery or a second screen. They're getting rid of headphone jacks and buttons on newer phones, making them less functional just so they can be even...
  4. VictoriaFTA

    FCC to sell c band spectrum

    40% of it is still being left for satellite usage. They weren't using the full C-band anyway. There's been lots of empty orbital locations and transponder frequencies in the C-band for years. Taking away a full 60% of it is concerning though. There wasn't *THAT* much unused capacity amongst all...
  5. VictoriaFTA

    Link: FCC, Wireless Industry Take Aim At C Band Satellite Spectrum for 5G

    Not even C-band could get me to move to Alaska :biggrin Buying a property, installing satellite dishes on it, and then controlling them remotely from my house while I live in a better part of the U.S. on the other hand...
  6. VictoriaFTA

    Link: FCC, Wireless Industry Take Aim At C Band Satellite Spectrum for 5G

    This wouldn't even be necessary if they had just let T-Mobile/Sprint merge without conditions. That stupid Dish Network wireless provider is completely unnecessary and when you have four different companies fighting each other for wireless spectrum it results in tons of wasted spectrum. We...
  7. VictoriaFTA

    1.8M Reflector for use with C-Band

    Wow Magic it's like you've got a warehouse of dishes. Do you have any solid C band dishes you would be interested in parting with? :) I've been interested in procuring a second commercial dish but I've been having a hard time finding anything but meshes. Winter's comin' and I'm running out of...
  8. VictoriaFTA

    Broadcasters Slam FCC C Band Proposal

    5G should be useful for stationary uses just like our dishes. You install an antenna for reception at the receive site and then run it to a wireless router to provide Wi-Fi coverage for the premises. It should be a solid substitute for those who can't get FTTP. Where its performance will be...
  9. VictoriaFTA

    Smallest C-Band dish capable of receiving Intelsat 34?

    That is where they backhaul the international feed of RAW/Smackdown on Mondays & Tuesdays The quality is poor compared to their domestic backhaul on 87W/95W/99W (it varies which sat they use each week but they usually use 95W) but I'm sure the quality is acceptable to most since it's ITC I'll...
  10. VictoriaFTA

    Smallest C-Band dish capable of receiving Intelsat 34?

    What are you trying to receive on 55W? Some tps are stronger than others CGTN mux might be receivable on a 6 footer, it's pretty strong I'd advise at least 8 feet if you want all transponders on the sat
  11. VictoriaFTA

    What do you guys think of this BUD here?

    Is that a DH Satellite dish I spy in the background? What size is that bad boy? I think I see a seam in the middle. Is this one designed to separate into halves? I will actually pay you money if you let me have that one. I've been in the market for another commercial dish. ;)
  12. VictoriaFTA

    Thinking of setting up a BUD but have some questions

    Well I mean tonight I'll be watching the 2019 MLS All-Star Game in 4K HDR HEVC @ 65 Mbps and then a Tenacious D concert in 4K 3D 4:2:2 10 bit @ 55 Mbps after having watched some nice documentaries about Japan on NHK World HD @ 58W and a documentary about female wrestlers in Senegal on CGTN...
  13. VictoriaFTA

    ASC1 Positioner Controller - End of Production Notice

    ...Yeaaah. That's gonna be a no from me, dawg. Hope you're part of the 1% because otherwise you're gonna go broke. Everything will be 10x more expensive if it's not built by exploiting third world slave labor. That's the fun little fact of your western lifestyle. It requires exploiting people...
  14. VictoriaFTA

    Ajak Motor proper maintenance

    Go drive around rural areas around Denver and hope for the best.
  15. VictoriaFTA

    ASC1 Positioner Controller - End of Production Notice

    Wow. Thanks a lot, Donald. I certainly nope no one in this hobby was dumb enough to vote for that guy because now you're reaping what you sowed. Elections have consequences. Guess now's the time to stock up because I don't see a replacement for the ASC1 happening that is as good quality.
  16. VictoriaFTA

    Want to get a dish. What do you recommend?

    You still need a C-band sized dish for Ku if you want to be able to get everything though. I've run across a fair number of Ku feeds that couldn't be picked up on anything smaller than a 6 footer. Also, the larger the Ku dish that you have, the better it will hold up against rain. I hear mesh...
  17. VictoriaFTA

    Do I need C Band?

    Keep a mind if you wanna watch the Good Morning America anchors goofing around and getting their makeup done you're gonna need a C-band dish ;)
  18. VictoriaFTA

    MeTV East on Galaxy 16 C-band, is GONE???

    A true trekkie wouldn't be worried about TV channels airing re-runs as they would own the TOS complete series Blu-ray box set which is available dirt cheap these days ;)
  19. VictoriaFTA

    Rainier Encore D9865H

    I have to say I really enjoy that Rainier site though. The design out of the 90's is fascinating. The weird marketing buzz words Glen uses, the strange capitalization. The endless blog posts about how "Were" (Glen doesn't know what apostrophes are apparently) the future of C-Band. His little...
  20. VictoriaFTA

    Rainier Encore D9865H

    Is there a reason why he only resells PowerVu channels?? Does he actually have legit contracts with these networks? I find it strange that he isn't reselling any channels that are using encryption methods which aren't compromised.