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    WTHR Indianapolis changed 13.2 from Cozi to Dabl today.
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    Tegna is buying WBNS TV in Columbus, OH from Dispatch group

    They also bought WTHR Indianapolis, IN.
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    Radar channel 33.2

    Court TV is one of them, according to Court tv website.
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    Decades Replaced by StartTV

    In the South Bend,IN area WCWW 25.2 dropped This network and picked up Start TV.
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    The Official SatelliteGuys TV Repack Topic

    For the stations who choose to take the money and shut down, when will they have to quit broadcasting?
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    Incentive Auction Discussion

    Trip, on what date will the FCC announce the repack assignments?
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    Incentive Auction Discussion

    Refresh my memory, what will be the top UHF channel?
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    Incentive Auction Discussion

    Both of my FM receivers are hooked up to their own roof top FM antenna.
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    Incentive Auction Discussion

    Or stage 3 or 4. This auction is a joke.
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    What is expected to happen after the 600 mhz auction?

    On what date will we know what will happen?
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    GetTV adding a few more affiliates

    Get Tv is now on Wish 8.2. I've been watching it on Dish. Great movie channel !
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    OTA Antenna to place on Dish antenna

    Excellent choice, I just put the same one up for a friend on the dish pole and using existing coax. She gets 47 channels .
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    WNDY-TV adds simulcast of WISH-TV main channel

    My HD tvs show 1080i and 16X9. The same as 23.1. This is a first for central Indiana, Two 1080i channels on one call sign.
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    What replaced "Live Well Network" in your market?

    Mums the word for WRTV here in Indy.
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    Scripps and ABC renew their affiliation agreement

    Does any know what channel will replace Live Well network for the Scripps stations?