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    Looking for SDR that will cover 100KHz to 3 GHz ranges

    Yea, the OP can send us his new SDR receiver to test and verify for a few months so we can weed out any bugs for him. We are always here to help!
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    Icom R7100 VHF/UHF Rcvr.

    I've had one since they first came out. It was a very good receiver back then but most of them now would be old, detuned, degraded and subject to failure at any moment.
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    Looking for SDR that will cover 100KHz to 3 GHz ranges

    A few friends have the HackRF One and say you really need to run it on a Linux machine to use all its features. Its A/D converter is also less bits and less dynamic range/performance than similar priced units from Airspy and SDRPlay.
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    Looking for SDR that will cover 100KHz to 3 GHz ranges

    I have the SDRPlay RSP2pro2 that covers 1KHz to 2GHz and its a very good performer. I think its discontinued now and replaced by the RSPdx with similar specs. I've used mine with a Windows machine and Raspberry Pi but not an Android phone. Current price on the RSPdx is around $199 and they also...
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    No ham repeaters in Cali?

    One repeater paying no rent on state property has been asked to pay or remove their equipment. Otherwise this state is run by complete morons and idiots.
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    Ham radio via geosyncronous satellite?

    I'm not going to post specific info and frequencies, but the Russians have a group of satellites that have inputs in an amateur band and downlinks elsewhere and they constantly pick up US amateur transmissions by accident and rebroadcast them all over the place. I have transmitted legally with...
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    Installing a Ham Radio Antenna

    Yes, a Beverage antenna is a low to the ground, very long wire receive antenna that is directional and commonly set up on pickets like a fence.
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    Installing a Ham Radio Antenna

    Yes, there are some basic considerations like unplugging cables before you drive off but it can get you on the air legally. There is a guy in the wealthy city of Rolling Hills, CA where average house prices are over $3mil and EVERYTHING is illegal. The city gave this guy grief about putting up...
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    Installing a Ham Radio Antenna

    An HOA rule against antennas installed on the property does not include your car. You can install whatever hideous antenna you want on your car then run coax into the house and operate. So start shopping for a big ugly High Q "Piranha" HF mobile antenna and a VHF/UHF vertical for your car.
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    Found a killer scanner antenna

    That antenna is rated 174 to 230Mhz, which is probably stretching its limits to some extent by their marketing dept. And its not a log periodic, its just a Yagi with a folded driven element. Anything public service will be way out of band for that antenna and it just happens railroad freqs are...
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    Flex 3000

    I think we would rather see you get back into the hobby and enjoy the radio!
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    Interesting New QRP Xcvr

    I think for a little more money the 10-12 watt output KX2 is probably 5X the performance and features which are known and documented here: Receiver Test Data and its battery and auto tuner are built inside where there is no ATU option for the HobbyPC. You would also have Elecraft's legendary...
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    Antenna pole

    I needed a 21' fence rail and went to a local fence company that had them in stock. They had every dia imaginable, they were thicker wall than Home Depot and it was cheaper. I would suggest looking up a fencing company in your town and see what they have.