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    Kijiji, eBay, and Craigslist dishes for you to take a look at

    Looking at the photo of the back side on Craigslist it appears to be a two (2) piecer. CN, you could step around the pieces in your home for a short period of time. Have a friend with a pickup? Shouldn't let it slip away. As for talking to your Landlord, they can't eat me, it is against the...
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    FTA c band still available?

    Yes, there is still quite an assortment available on C Band. I spend about 99% of my time on C Band. To get an idea of what is available check out and No list is accurate, but it will give you a good feel for what is there. Just remember that those listed with four...
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    Old Winegard 10' worth resurrecting?

    Yes worth getting back up in operation. Don't be surprised if you have to replace the wiring. Is worth trying, but I would figure in the cost of running new coax and associated wiring. The actuator may or may not be serviceable, but you can find that out by getting it on a bench using a car...
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    It begins...

    Welcome to Satellite Guys!!! I would hope that they improved their instructions by now. But you might find this thread of interest in case they haven't: Dish Specs, Trust But Verify! When going together you want to do a string test, just to be sure. While you are doing it, measure the TRUE...
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    Proximity to airport

    Or maybe a box of corn cobs?
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    Storm preparation for C-Band dishes

    wvman, hope you get some good news.
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    Servo motor polarity switching

    Nah, we are just getting older. Remember when your folks told you about buying a FULL pack of gum for $0.02? We all thought they were pulling our legs.
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    ABC 99.0W 4120H30000

    johnynobody, I know we are not the far apart, at least by our part of the world standards. My 10 footer is getting the ABC mux on 99W with a Q of 84 to 85 on my Amiko A3. I think they upped the power a tad here over the last month or so, as about 81 was the best I would see before that...
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    How do I get started

    Are you sure that your LNB is working? Just thinking out loud.
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    How do I get started

    I think there was thread here (might of been some place else) about a similar situation. I don't recall the outcome, nor the recommended solution. So, might do a search for broken servo part. Just off hand, I would guess that alignment of the part is going to be critical. Good luck. I would...
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    How do I get started

    That's good news. Keep us posted and post pictures.
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    Fate of C Band

    My reason for posting was to make the point that maybe, that is maybe, some have already made their minds up. But, as Radio stated, the announcement of bringing forth at hearing, may be entirely to shut it down (the attempt to usurp C-Band). By having the hearing and forcing the vote, they...
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    Fate of C Band

    I found this linked to on another site and went and read it. Sounds like some folks have already made up their minds and are just going through the motions. Let's hope I am just a bit paranoid. FCC chairman ready to put 3.7-4.2 GHz on July agenda | FierceWireless
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    Titanium C1-PLL Phase Lock Loop C-Band LNBF

    Thanks. Didn't recall seeing anything about the filters until last couple years. I am known for sometimes missing details.
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    Titanium C1-PLL Phase Lock Loop C-Band LNBF

    I have question that I am sure someone here can answer. The WiMax filter has only been in the Titanium C1-PLL LNBF over the last year or so, is that correct? If it is correct, is there an easy way to tell if one has the filter? I have one as a back up that I have had for a couple of years and...
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    CBS and 4.2.2

    One, I am a bit tight with with a buck, and hate to spend more than needed. (I know, wrong hobby to be in.) Two, with the small form factor I am limited on just how much card I can power. By the time I would even consider paying for a 4K TV, they will be old tech. But, a good point for anyone...
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    CBS and 4.2.2

    OK, time for a report. I picked up a used Small Form Factor PC with an Intel i5 running at 3.1 GHz, with (cough, cough) Windoze 7 Professional 64 bit, 8 gig of memory and a 500 gig hard drive. to that I added a GeForce GT 610, 1 Gig video card. All toll a little less than $200 into it all. I...
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    need help

    I was there last night, 131W and tried all the DC transponders and found that none were open then. Could it be different today? Most certainly!! If my memory serves correctly, I think I recall seeing something about them being open yesterday. If so, it was not long lived. Sometimes they...
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    CBS and 4.2.2

    Want to thank everyone for their information. Armed with this information, I will move ahead and hopefully get it to work. Will report back after I get everything together and put it to the test. Will be a couple of weeks maybe. Thanks again.