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    What Channels Are Not Available With The Flex Pack?

    I have been on the Flex pack for years, my only complaint is you cannot add NBCSN. You can get it on Sling for only $25, I am considering leaving Dish because of this.
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    Flex Pack - Adding/removing channel packs

    I did it last month, no fees.
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    Use Roku with Dish credentials?

    As a dish customer, I sometimes use my windows 10 laptop to stream fox sports and NBCSN to my tv by HDMI cord. I have a 722k with no sling. Can I use a Roku with Fox and NBCSN apps and log in with my Dish credentials to free up the laptop?
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    VIP 722k to Wally

    Would the 211 series see the content on the hard drive?
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    VIP 722k to Wally

    My 722k is on it's last leg. If I buy a powered hard drive to transfer my saved movies, will a wally after being authorized for a hard drive, recognize the movies that have been transferred?
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    722 Rebooting On OTA Channels?

    Yes, my 722k with module is rebooting about 2 times a week when left on a OTA channel. The channel is very strong and this has been happening for about 2-3 months.
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    MPEG2 Receivers being swapped to MPEG4 in these DMA's

    Scott, is there a Dish time frame to convert to MPEG4 and eliminate the 129 satellite? What date?
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    Dish Wally DUAL Tuner

    According to post #10, a hybrid tuner is not required for two tuners, which is right?
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    Dish Wally DUAL Tuner

    Does the Wally with dual tuner and hard drive require a hybrid lnb? Or will all the dual tuner and hard drive features work with the my DP+ and side dish?
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    any chance for a new dual tuner ota dongle?

    Is the new and latest OTA adaptor the one with the cooling holes or the one like the air adaptor?
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    Wrong data for WNDY 23, Indianapolis area

    I should add that posted on Dish's facebook and their mydish communities, with no response. The dishquality@echostar address is no longer valid.
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    Wrong data for WNDY 23, Indianapolis area

    Here in the Indianapolis area, WNDY 23 recently started channel sharing with WISH 8. After the switch, the data guide is wrong. WNDY now shows the WISH data. I have a 722K with OTA tuner and on the flex with no locals. My mother has 722K with no OTA tuner. On locals, her WNDY 23 data is correct...
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    Free previews don't show on personalized guide

    On the 722k, you had to add the free previews to your favorites and then they would come up automatically. Don't have a hopper, hope this helps.
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    Adding 2nd 211K to 1000.4 dish

    I thought in order to use the two tuners in the wally, you had to use a hybrid lnb or the dp switch. Am I wrong?
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    2nd dish for 129 with H3

    How is the signal strength of eastern arc dish pointed at the western arc compared to a dish 500 pointed at the western arc?
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    Hopper 4 (may be called Hopper X)

    With the VIP's going away, do the hoppers put out component and hdmi simultaneously? I currently run 2 HD tvs in two different rooms with my 722k.
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    How Cool Is This?

    Great post! I have been wondering whether I could keep my dish 500DP+ with side dish for 129. I get little or no rain fade and want to keep it that way when the VIP's go away.
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    VIP Receiver Retirement

    Claude, where can I find a HD modulator for $375? Did a google search, $495 on amazon.
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    Local Channels optional

    I earlier posted that I have .01 OTA data for the Indy area. I recently turned my antenna for some distant stations and found that South Bend has no .01 OTA data for WSJV 28.01. In Fort Wayne, no .01 OTA data for WISE 33.01. This .01 problem must be wide spread. Hopefully Dish can find a...
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    Local Channels optional

    I get PBS .01 .02 .03 data, although the info is wrong for .02 PBS Kids. I am in the Indy area.