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    RabbitEars Search Map Enters Public Beta

    Don't get me wrong, I like the new public Beta. Wish may go to 26, but has not been granted that right. The two channel sharing still show as there original channel numbers in a scan. I have always tried to help update changes in the two different areas I receive in. When I pulled up my area and...
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    RabbitEars Search Map Enters Public Beta

    According to Rabbitears, Wish-tv's move to 26 is pending. Wudz-Ld move to 6 is not listed. The two that moved to channel sharing, are not listed, Wndy-tv and WCLG-Tv.
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    RabbitEars Search Map Enters Public Beta

    Many flaws in Indianapolis repack post.
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    WNIT 34

    Added PBS Kids network on 34.3, 1080i, 16x9. Channel 34.4 is Kids in 480i, 16x9.
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    WBND-LP is off air

    Trip, I checked FFC correspondence, there is nothing saying why. You know anything about it?
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    Update to Indianapolis area

    I can confirm that WFYI successfully changed 20.1PBS to 1080i, 20.2 Kids to 1080i and 20.3 Create to 480i 16x9 for your data base.
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    Update to South Bend area

    WHME has made recent changes.46.1 is religion, 46.2 is ION, 46.3 is GRIT, 46.4 is LAFF, 46.5 is LIGHT, 46.6 is HSN
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    Update to South Bend area

    Your current line up is right, but WHMB has a 46.4 channel that plays religious music and shows scriptures.
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    Some wrong data in South Bend, IN area

    On a recent trip to my Summer home, I did a rescan to see what had changed. WSJV 28 has Heroes and Icons on both 28.1 and 28.2. Fox went to 22.2. WNIT 34 still has no PBS Kids. WHME 46 has religious music on 46.3 and there is no weather channel on 46.4 or anywhere else in the whole area...
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    PBS Kids Launch 1/16

    I can confirm, WFYI 20.2 is PBS Kids
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    PBS Kids Launch 1/16

    Was watching MotorWeek, WFYI announced that PBS Kids will go to 20.2 on March 6.