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  1. lakebum431

    Sharp Objects - mini series

    Anyone else watching? I'm up to date having seen through episode 4 and it is quite good. I understand this is from a book written by the same person as Gone Girl, but I haven't dug any deeper as I don't want to get spoiled. The acting is quite good. Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson are great...
  2. lakebum431

    Super Nintendo Classic - Avail Sept 29

    Super Nintendo Entertainment System™: Super NES Classic Edition – Official site Here we go again. $80 for this one. Wonder if they will actually make enough this time. Some games that I remember fondly including Super Mario World, Zelda - A Link to the Past, F-Zero and Donkey Kong Country.
  3. lakebum431

    New TVs - OLED QLED etc.

    Would love to see some pictures and impressions of the new LG OLED, Samsung QLED and Panasonic OLED sets.
  4. lakebum431

    Designated Survivor

    New Kiefer Sutherland series where he becomes president after an attach on the State of the Union Address and everyone else dies. Similar plot to the Tom Clancy books where Jack Ryan becomes president. Trailer looks pretty good.
  5. lakebum431

    Survivor Season 33: Millennials vs. Gen X

    Only starting this thread because the preview on the Season 32 finale already pissed me off regarding the Millennials. I have a bad feeling that I'm going to hate at least 1/2 of this cast. I hope they prove me wrong.
  6. lakebum431

    Anyone have an OLED?

    I stopped at BestBuy yesterday because it was right next door to where I had lunch. The LG OLED sets are absolutely amazing. It was obviously on a 4k loop and that helps, but the black levels are beyond imagine. The price tag is the only thing holding me back. $6k for the 65" is still just...
  7. lakebum431

    Why no news links in the Prime Time Networks section?

    Why are we not allowed to post links in the network sections under Prime Time anymore? I don't want to wade through a general links thread to find news about a specific show when there is an actual thread on that specific show already. There must be some logic here and I probably missed an...
  8. lakebum431


    What are you guys seeing on OLED sets? I'm hopeful that we see some new flat (not curved) OLED sets in the 70-80" range that are reasonably priced.
  9. lakebum431

    Can you diplex cable internet with a Hopper setup?

    I had cable internet in the past (pre-Hopper/Joey) and I had the internet diplexed over the same cable as my interent to get to a central location. It worked great. I have had U-Verse internet for the past couple years and am now going back to cable internet. Is it possible to diplex the...
  10. lakebum431

    Check my logic - Portable Dish setup

    I have been using dish network tailgating for many years and have setup the dish dozens of times (everything from a single LNB back in the day to a Dish 500, to a Dish 1000, to a Dish 1000.2 to a Dish 1000.4). This is the first year that I will be using a Hopper as the receiver though. So, I...
  11. lakebum431

    Anyone had any luck getting Dish to just ship them an extra Joey without a technician visit?

    I am adding a TV to my game room and need to add a Joey receiver to my account. I already have a duo node and have the coax from the node to the location where I want the receiver. Called and talked to the CSR and they say that they have to have an installer bring the Joey. I have no need for...
  12. lakebum431

    Can you run a Hopper without a node?

    Strange question I know, but I'm changing my 2nd system over to Hoppers from VIP receivers this weekend and I just had a thought. I use the VIP receivers for my tailgate setup direct from a 1000.4 to the receivers. Once I make this change if I am only going to take 1 Hopper with me to tailgate...
  13. lakebum431

    Help aiming

    If I am getting 72 on the 77 lnb which way do I need to swing the dish?
  14. lakebum431

    How to wire 2 Hoppers, 4 Joeys and an HIC

    As the title suggests, I'm trying to figure out how to wire 2 Hoppers and 4 Joeys with the Hopper Internet Connector. I've reviewed the wiring diagrams, but don't see anything that exactly matches what I need. Anyone done this or understand how to do it? A second question that could make...
  15. lakebum431

    iPad 2 not showing on Raffles page anymore

    I just went in to register for the iPad 2 again and only the Roku 2 is showing now. Looks like it somehow disappreard from the page.
  16. lakebum431

    Blockbuster 5 blu for $20 (preowned)

    I was at Blockbuster over the weekend in SC (visiting family) and they had a deal going for 5 previously viewed blurays for $20. Quite a big selection and we picked up 10 of them for $40 (no limit as long as you buy in bundles of 5). No clue if this is going on elsewhere, but worth a look if...
  17. lakebum431

    What are the dish options for eastern arc

    Need to update the tailgate setup from western arc (have used a 1000.2 for the past few years) to eastern arc. I haven't kept up, what dishes work for eastern arc? Is it only the dish 1000.4?
  18. lakebum431

    When is Team Summit and what do we expect from it?

    Isn't Team Summit usually in early May? Where is it this year? Is anyone from the site planning to go (Scott/Claude, etc)? Any expected news this year?
  19. lakebum431

    1000.4 with a DPP44?

    I need to feed 4 receivers from an eastern arc setup. Is it possible to use a dpp 44 with the 1000.4 dish/lnb? I seem to remember an issue a couple years ago with the dpp twin and the dpp 44 but didn't know if it existed on the 1000.4.
  20. lakebum431

    Amazing Race in HD

    It was announced after the season finale that next season of Amazing Race is going to be in HD when it kicks off in February! Some of the places that they visit are "Amazing" and I am very excited about this. I still think that this is the best reality show on TV and that it deserves all of...