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  1. VictoriaFTA

    125 W and PBS East has one of the best video quality signals

    All those PBS feeds on 125W look the same and they are pretty good quality. Not quite as good as the CBS or NBC fronthauls but better quality than ABC or Fox to be sure. They also look better than the cable networks. But of course backhaul feeds blow all the 24/7 feeds away in the picture...
  2. VictoriaFTA

    possibly getting a 6footer soon, whats to be expected?

    You should be able to get some things. NHK World @ 58W is a real gem that comes in well on a 6 footer. I'd suggest over-engineering the pole height and concrete pad you pour for it so that you could potentially upgrade the mounted dish to be up to 12 feet in diameter. Once you get the taste of...
  3. VictoriaFTA

    Do you remembered that day the Berlin wall can down on C and Ku back in 1989?

    I wasn't even born yet. That's my 1989 story :bounce
  4. VictoriaFTA

    My New Dish Farm

    That's actually good cable management. Especially compared to the current trainwreck going on with my satellite server in my basement at the moment:
  5. VictoriaFTA

    Better than HEVC codices?

    Japan has had an 8K HLG HDR channel for about a year now receivable via Ku band satellite. It's called NHK BS8K. You just have to buy the proprietary receiver to view it. It also has AAC 22.2 channel audio. (it also has legacy AAC 5.1 and 2.0 audio as audio IDs #2 and #3) Anyways, the...
  6. VictoriaFTA

    ABC 99w Network Feeds Transitioned to DVBS2 HEVC 4:2:2

    I feel like this whole concept of buying a bunch of cheap devices to stream from a PC is completely backwards. Why don't you just have your PC hooked up to your TV in the first place and watch directly from it? I have never bought a receiver in the last 8 years I've engaged in the satellite...
  7. VictoriaFTA

    ABC 99w Network Feeds Transitioned to DVBS2 HEVC 4:2:2

    Free 4K TV with an antenna is almost here COMING SOON TO A TV STATION NEAR YOU: Top 40 TV Markets Launching ATSC 3.0 — ATSC Disney+ and Hulu are going to have 4K HDR streams and there are Fox and NBC affiliates launching ATSC 3.0 feeds next year. I don't think ABC's affiliates are going to be...
  8. VictoriaFTA

    ABC Transition to HEVC Encoding pushed back to August 14, 2019

    Doubt it. The 720p H.264 encoders @ 17 Mbps were doing just fine with maxing out the fidelity you can get from such a low resolution. The affiliates re-encoding the C-band feeds to MPEG-2 and dropping the bitrate have always been the limiting factor on ABC's PQ. As long as they keep doing that...
  9. VictoriaFTA

    ABC Transition to HEVC Encoding pushed back to August 14, 2019

    Why don't y'all just black out the numbers/emails on these slates? Don't even give visitors the option of doing something dumb
  10. VictoriaFTA

    FREE C-Band Satellite Dish (Petoskey, MI)

    I want it!! ...but how does one move a single piece 10' dish? Any ideas? Does U-Haul even offer a rental big enough to accomodate that? I guess if you situated it vertically you could transport it on standard roads...
  11. VictoriaFTA

    Infowars on 99.0 West.

    "And nothing of value was lost." :biggrin
  12. VictoriaFTA

    5G networks could wreak havoc on weather forecasting, officials warn

    The talk of companies not even bothering with rolling out fiber to the home anymore because 5G will be an acceptable substitute is the aspect that is uniquely American. Asian and European countries were rolling out fiber to the home to every household starting decades ago while American...
  13. VictoriaFTA

    5G networks could wreak havoc on weather forecasting, officials warn

    5G is going to be such a menace. It's another example of American companies half-assing it instead of just doing it right the first time around. Wireless will never be an acceptable substitute for fiber. With all these towers being placed in such closer proximity to people I bet cancer rates...
  14. VictoriaFTA

    Missing with CBand

    Yep. Lots of sports feeds only on C. You miss a lot without one. Turner, CBS, Fox, and ABC use C almost exclusively for all their backhauls. ESPN uses a mix of both. NBC usually uses Ku. UFC, Showtime, WWE and other fight PPVs usually show up on both with an identical feed on each band for every...
  15. VictoriaFTA

    Dish heaters

    I do this too. I have been surprised at how rarely the snow is a problem in WI. We usually have a snow storm severe enough to warrant grabbing the broom and manually clearing off the snow just a few times a season so I have to do this on average maybe three times a year. And it takes a lot of...
  16. VictoriaFTA

    Luken Changing

    15.3 dB in southeast WI with dish in signature.
  17. VictoriaFTA

    Satellite Guys "The List" Link Missing??

    You don't really need it when you have lyngsat.
  18. VictoriaFTA

    Used 1.2 m dish. Worth it?

    Strap that puppy to the roof lol... or stick it in the trunk and then temporarily be one of those ghetto people with their trunk open hauling stuff around that's too big to fit into a closed trunk. I see people hauling bigger stuff than 1.2m dishes around in their car trunks all the time...
  19. VictoriaFTA

    Used 1.2 m dish. Worth it?

    I mean those dishes are pretty good and all but aren't they twice as expensive as the Andrew? The Andrew is a commercial dish so it's even better built than the Geosatpro 1.2m. Any reason why you don't want a commercial Ku dish like the Andrew? As far as getting C-band on a 1.2m, NHK World @...