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  1. VictoriaFTA

    Disney Plus +

    3D is still the best way to watch the Marvel movies. The only Marvel Cinematic Universe movie with a 4K digital intermediate is Black Panther
  2. VictoriaFTA

    NBCU's Free Ad-Supported Service — 'Peacock'

    That sounds profoundly awful.
  3. VictoriaFTA

    YouTube TV Becomes First Streamer to Carry PBS

    Pass. I'm quite happy with my crystal clear logo-free national feed on 125W receivable with a 90cm dish. PBS affiliates suck so much.
  4. VictoriaFTA

    Hulu is committing suicide!

    I have found that most places don't verify the full address and still accept the card with a fake billing address but for instances where that fails just buy gift cards for the service elsewhere and only pay with gift cards. Netflix, Microsoft, Sony, Valve etc. all sell gift cards for their...
  5. VictoriaFTA

    Hulu is committing suicide!

    The real question here is why y'all aren't setting your billing address to a sales tax free state like New Hampshire. I've never paid taxes on a digital product cuz I'm not dumb enough to use my real address. Life Protip: If they have nothing physical to ship to you then they have no way of...
  6. VictoriaFTA

    Netflix users don't want ads

    Not enough propaganda channels available on streaming though! Fox News is a cable/satellite exclusive.
  7. VictoriaFTA

    AT&T will have a premium streaming service this fall

    Amazon Prime Video: $10 per month CBS All Access: $10 per month Disney+: $7 per month HBO Max: $16 per month Hulu: $12 per month Netflix: $16 per month $71 a month. Welcome to the new cable. I'm being generous too and not even including all the lesser known platforms like the upcoming...
  8. VictoriaFTA

    Quality PC program to rip Blu-ray's for easier access?

    Protip: Nothing is illegal when there aren't repercussions. ;) Be careful with MakeMKV. For some reason it checks the DTS core only by default every time. So it doesn't rip the full DTS-HD MA track. You have to manually uncheck the DTS 5.1 track and leave the DTS-HD MA 5.1 one checked. Very...
  9. VictoriaFTA

    Trying Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon has much better audio/visual quality than any cable/pizza pan subscription satellite service. The standalone app versions of channels that Amazon offers are actually inferior to the ones hosted by Amazon's service. I.E. the HBO "channel" on Amazon Prime Video has superior video and audio...
  10. VictoriaFTA

    Disney Plus +

    ...Yeah... that's gonna be a no from me, dawg. If Hulu is any indication, I doubt the audio/visual experience of this service will be up to par. Obviously it will be inferior to physical discs, and given Disney's track record with Hulu, I am sure it will be inferior to versions of that Disney...
  11. VictoriaFTA

    Subscription Fatigue

    The only subscription service I need is my Plex server. ;)