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    CONTEST!! Enter to Win an Edision OS Mio 4K from Titanium Satellite - Ends 4/8/2019

    Congrats MosFET77! Thanks again Brian for the contest.
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    CONTEST!! Enter to Win an Edision OS Mio 4K from Titanium Satellite - Ends 4/8/2019

    I want to win an Edision OS Mio 4k with The North America Project image. Firm believer in Open Source. Thanks Brian for doing this.
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    AT&T declares end of satellite TV

    They stated they launched their last satellite and that they are moving more to IP delivery. Here is the article: It’s the beginning of the end of satellite TV in the US The end may be in sight, but I think most of will be gone before it gets here,
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    dish aligning

    It can also be ever so slightly off on TRUE SOUTH setting. You are close, but the cigar is not quite in hand yet. If you are sure on your declination and elevation, then I would check your alignment to True South. Any adjustment is going to have to be VERY TINY. Be sure to mark your pole and...
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    I'll take "Name that satellite" for $500 please! HELP!

    Any teenagers in the neighborhood? A few bucks to a couple could probably get cement mixed and poured. Might have to throw in some lemonade though.
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    Another WTF Moment At My House!

    Sorry to hear that. At least one of them is a cheap replace and the other, it sounds like you were almost happy it happened to it.
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    Another WTF Moment At My House!

    Sorry to hear that. And, you didn't even get to see the magic smoke. :-) Nothing that money won't cure, but sure stinks. Be glad that it was only electronics and not the house.
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    4 degree spacing bracket

    Just thinking out loud, but could you maybe find the style of LNBF you need somewhere over seas? Just a thought.
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    Alternate mounting ideas for 76cm dish?

    I think you can even find it galvanized.
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    C Band Dish Registration

    OK, filed my comment. Put it here in case anyone wants to see it outside of the FCC's system.
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    Help Identify this Unique Folding Satellite Dish

    Looks like something out of a Bond Movie. Might get a few strange looks when you pull that out at the KOA Campground. Maybe even a NSA visit. :-)
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    Weather Prognasticators

    Well, they've done it again. The forecast was for snow accumulation of less than one-half inch for last night. Just came back in from walking through three (3) inches of the stuff to get to the antennas to broom off the snow. The joys of spring time in the Rockies. Everyone have a good...
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    where can i get a new diseqc motor

    Well, you know I am too lazy to hold the pointer over the blind link and read where it is sending you, or too lazy to just click it to see. :-)
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    where can i get a new diseqc motor

    I think Rick has the Stab 120 in stock.
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    Four degree spacing?

    Not exactly what you are asking for, but have you thought about trying to attach leveling legs to your NPRM? Was thinking of something like you find on appliances, where you can adjust to level them up on an uneven floor. You would have to fabricate something to achieve the same result. Would...
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    Switches for KU/C-Band Combo

    Well Magic, I hope this is one time the VA does not have their head too close the place they sit. Hope things work out and that the pharma works without any nasty side effects. As before, in the prayers.
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    Switches for KU/C-Band Combo

    Hope all works out OK. Will keep you in the prayers.
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    Merry Christmas To All

    Merry Christmas to all and hopefully a Happy New Year, too.
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    Would a USLAS Motor Be Easy To Set Up?

    Adding a motor only increases the level of difficulty. It won't make it any simpler. Maybe if you post some pictures of your setup and ask some questions, we could help you get 97W locked in. We like to help folks out.
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    I LIKE FTA Mega Contest

    Congratulations to: Grand Prize. Tunder 1st prize. Ricardino_bp 2nd prize gms49ers 3rd prize armadillo_115 4th prize Horsepower 5th prize ebo And a hardy thank you to Magic Static, and the retailers that donated. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!