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    Trying to figure out exact fees for DirecTV HD with Tivo

    Hi everyone. Little background: I have been a loyal DirecTV customer since November of 2001. Started with regular SD receivers and then upgraded to DVRs in 2004. Currently 4 TVs hooked up with their own DVRs and 1 of them is a lease (R15-300-CR) while all other 3 are owned. All DVRs other than...
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    Can't go to DirecTV forum

    Hi there. Every time I click on the link to access the DirecTV forum, I am taken to Hovering over the link shows The DIRECTV Forum but it doesn't take me there. Computer details: - OS: Ubuntu 11.10 - Browser: Firefox 11.0 (Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu...
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    Swap hard drive in HDVR2

    Guys, I would like to know if it is possible to replace a hard drive in an HDVR2 DVR with a hard drive from another HDVR2? I am not asking if it is physically possible but if the DVR will boot and use the other hard drive without problems. Thank you.
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    Need to replace defective DVR

    Hi guys. I have a Hughes HDVR2 whose tuner 1 is showing signs of weaknesses (a few channels are pixelated). I checked with another HDVR2 on the same line and it works fine. What I'm looking for is any SD DVR. I don't have HD. Any suggestions where to get one? Is it better on-line or in a...
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    Searching signal problem + acquiring data

    Hi all, we have been having technical problems for a couple of weeks now. What happens is that during the day from about 11:00 to about 5:00 we lose DirecTV completely on all 5 DirecTiVos (HDVR2s + R10s). It first started on days that it was hot and our 5x8 multiswitch is in the attic. I...
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    Lune-Q: A Next-Generation Satellite Antenna

    I just did a search before posting this and it seems that nobody has mentioned this yet.