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    Have you ever requested any channels from DirecTV?

    I recently contacted DirecTV to request the EPIX programming. Does any of the people at this site actually get in touch with their provider (in this case, DirecTV) for a channel you want that isn't made available? (I figure it's a sensible question. We all pay for service.)
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    HD content that is On Demand only

    I recently came across a few channels' On Demand, and there was content in high definition. Among the programmers with HD that was available only from On Demand: Cooking Channel, H2, Lifetime Movie Network, and TV Land. I wonder why this is. And does it mean these channels' high definition...
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    Life Span of DVRs?

    I have two HD DVRs. One I have had since 2008; the other since 2009. The three-year-old one is actually a refurbished model (gray) that replaced a better-looking one (black) like my '08. I want to know if it's a good idea to make arrangements to get them replaced? (That they're like a...
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    "'CES Curse?" Gadget Show Has Poor Record'

    'CES Curse?' Gadget Show Has Poor Record By Peter Svensson (01.06.2012) @...
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    Where's the new HD (January 2012)?

    Last month, one DirecTV subscriber asked about truTV HD [in this thread:]. If not truTV HD, what about some other channel in HD, coming to DirecTV? Preferably a non-premium for which we subscribers are overdue to receive --...
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    Is this a good channel that's worth subscription?
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    Suspending DirecTV service question

    How much does it cost to suspend subscription service to DirecTV? (And how long can one do this?)
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    Dish Network HD Picture Quality?

    I'm a DirecTV subscriber. And I'm considering bringing that to an end because it is too behind on national non-premiums such as: AMC, E!, Oprah Winfrey Network, BBC America, Turner Classic Movies, Headline News, Sportsman Channel, Outdoor Channel, Investigation Discovery, Lifetime Movie Network...
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    Move On … ?

    Title of this thread indicates that I'm asking for advice, but it isn't just that. I'm going to vent. I'm getting tired of seeing DirecTV's competitor, Dish Network, be the one that brings in high-definition feeds of national cable channels that I believe should also be carried by DirecTV...
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    HD Nationals: The 10 Most Needed?

    Bare with me, please, because I wanna be careful here: I don't work for DirecTV, but am wanting to, respectfully, pick people's brains on this matter. Let's say you were in charge of bringing in 10 national high-definition [HD] channels that you figure—from a business standpoint—must be...
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    More National HD Channels… ?

    Happy New Year to everyone! I called today DirecTV to add the 2-for-1 Starz/Showtime premiums to my programming subscription. (Interested existing subscribers have until March 31, 2010 to do so. The deal is for three months.) During the call, I asked about coming, national HD channels...
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    Baby First TV ?

    I don't know if anyone before me has mentioned anything on Baby First TV, but since this channel initially cost $10 a month for subscription, then got dropped to $5, I wonder if it's on the way to just getting folded into the Plus lineup? Seems hard to imagine, despite however many interested...
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    Outdoor Channel (ch. 606), a Plus?

    Outdoor Channel (ch. 606) is now showing up in my Plus package. Normally you have to add the $10-plus Sports to get OUTCH, along with the likes of ESPNU and NBA TV, among others. Has Outdoor Channel been moved to the Plus package on DirecTV? (P.S. Tuesday evening I noticed from Zap2It's...
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    Picture break up during NLCS Game 4

    Here just a few minutes after midnight, my HD (H20) receiver, tuned to TBS HD, for Game 4 of National League Championship Series (Arizona Diamondbacks @ Colorado Rockies), there is picture breaks -- and it goes to black screen, and back again (an in-and-out thing), reading that the channel isn't...
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    Since it appears National Geographic HD will be the first national HD that will end up with a regular channel on DirecTV (I know, I could be wrong! there's the thing with YES in HD), does anyone wanna speculate on the first five (available to just about all who'd subscribe)? It doesn't have...
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    At Wit's End

    Hello, On one thread I wrote the following: "I'm near Detroit. DirecTV has jobbed out installation to services with limited training. And the installers have tried their best. I've had one or two -- with DirecTV themselves -- tell me DirecTV isn't lately as good with transmission on 5-LNB...
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    A channel realignment for DirecTV?

    The last time DirecTV did a channel realignment was the summer of 1999. It was not long after DirecTV acquired USSB (that was in 1998), and later in 1999 in came public service and foreign channels. (If dates are incorrect, feel free to set me right.) Thinking about the reports on HD channel...
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    Question for subscribers…

    If you don't mind … What is the number-one reason that explains why you are a current [DirecTV] subscriber? (Note: Please don't give numerous reasons -- I'm only asking for one. Thank you. :up )
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    H20 Issue - My Letter to DirecTV

    Hello, Everyone, This is a letter I've written to DirecTV which I've submitted via its Web site to Customer Service. I've been putting up with problems connected to an H20 receiver. I have had trouble with HD programming, on and off, for eight months. During my eight years as a...
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    Reception worsening?

    I've been with DirecTV since 1998. And I've seen plenty of times where a bad rainstorm will cut out reception until the weather condition subsides. Well, in the past half-hour, my Detroit area has had rain that varied between sprinkles and a mild shower. Reception of national-based channels...