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    Name a universally panned movie you actually like...

    I was planning on posting the exact 2 movies. Funny.
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    OTA bypasses CBS AutoHop delay

    It sounds as if KAB had same night Auothop on last nights ota recording of Madam Secretary.
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    Anybody else find it hilarious when you catch your pet watching TV?

    On an install a few weeks ago, I was in another room when I heard the customer's dog barking. I went into the living room a found that every time a dog appeared on the TV, he would jump up and start barking at it. Super cool and quite amusing dog.
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    Fox Blocks Millions of DISH Customers

    A slight edit if I may.
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    Cannot lock onto Dish Satelittes

    Place a mark on your azimuth, elevation and skew. Play with your azimuth and elevation until you sight the 129. If you get tired of the process, just revert to your present settings.
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    Cannot lock onto Dish Satelittes

    Azimuth. Until you complete and save the check switch results, disregard the satellite designations below the strength meter. I would do as osumike suggests and save the results so you know exactly which birds you are locked on.
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    Cannot lock onto Dish Satelittes

    It seems as though your aiming is 1 satellite slot (9-10 degrees) to far to the west. Swing your dish back to the left until you lose, then reacquire a signal using your analog meter. Peak that signal and run another check switch. Don't be concerned about which tuner is selected.
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    In case you missed it...breaking news from wall street journal

    DISH has been pre-qualifying targeted customers for quite awhile now. They've been sending those offers to what they see as high quality customers. As usual, the metrics used in determining who those customers are is "Top Secret".
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    In case you missed it...breaking news from wall street journal

    Other than the portion of your post pertaining to Commercial accounts, not much of it is accurate, nor does it reflect my real-world new customer installation trends. DTV is definitely not considered luxury any longer.
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    Dishanywhere: how to delete all of a recorded series?

    The recall button on the 54 remote will delete folders and individual recordings from the DVR.
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    Magnolia Pictures streaming offerings now available on DISH

    Not sure if it's been previously posted but here's a link to the details of the 4 subscription based streaming channels new to DISH. Magnolia Launches Indie Streaming Service and Genre Channels on Dish
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    Dish off in storm, permanently?

    Not necessarily. If the receiver is not outputting any signal, that is the exact message that his TV would display.
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    Dish Outdoors

    An unobstructed view is necessary. A couple hundred feet of quality RG6 is doable.
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    Nexstar Info

    OTA, All The Way!
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    Despite warning, I saved configuration with fewer satellites - help!

    I guess I'm missing the reason why clearing the matrix would be necessary based on the info in the OP's post. I don't think I've ever, in 18 years and thousands of installs, had to clear the matrix to get a successful multisat result once the dish was correctly aimed. Once the OP correctly aims...
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    Despite warning, I saved configuration with fewer satellites - help!

    Doing so certainly will clear the matrix. Seeing how the OP didn't ask how to clear the matrix, it is a completely unnecessary step in achieving his goal. That's all I was saying. Sorry if my response rubbed ya a bit wrong.
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    Nice while it lasted...

    Much like Directv's current disputes are a benifit to my company, DISH's Sportsnet disputes are a benefit to Claude's company.
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    Despite warning, I saved configuration with fewer satellites - help!

    Running a check switch without the dish connected won't restore your previous 3 satellite result. The only way to get a 3 satellite "check switch" result is by doing that check switch with a clear view of all 3 Satellites and adequate signal from each one.
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    AT&T is Raising The Price of DIRECTV $10 a Month For New Subscribers Effective Today

    My mistake, I omitted the $12.00 for locals.