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    New 4k Tv, some shows jitter

    iScan mini has been a popular solution. available much cheaper than the MSRP. Can't link it, but it's a dvdo product. Lumagen is great, but would put a huge dent in your wallet, even at a dealer price. Just food for thought. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    New 4k Tv, some shows jitter

    You're, or we are, screwed multiple ways. The box is scaling stuff, then your TV is scaling everything. Unless of course you're watching a true 4k source. The best option is a box with native mode, but that presents its own problems, because even if you're getting 720p your TV still has to...
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    anywhere problems on PC, new shows(I think) will not play (no hopper or dvr)

    Hello everyone. new guy here. Just wondering if anyone it's having problems using dish anywhere for on demand shows. deets: Dell precision m6300 laptop, win 7 x64, I.E. 11, Firefox 26, most recent flash and java, security set so a monkey could hack in, cleared cache and cookies, I think that is...