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    Shaw Direct off air?

    ANIK F2 has been offline since early this morning - so no HD for ShawDirect for now. -Mike
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    SD to transition to MPEG4

    In 2011 Shaw Direct might have 5% of it's customer base with an MPEG4 capable receiver, which means any station SD broadcasts in MPEG4 only will have almost no one to watch it, so who will care? What kind of business plan is that? Bell has at least a 2 year head start selling MPEG4 receivers...
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    Bell 9241 + 2 tv's

    The 9241 lacks a RF coaxial output, so you'll need to purchase a composite to RF converter, which should be inexpensive. -Mike
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    Bell 9241 + 2 tv's

    The 9241 includes a UHF remote, so you could use that to control the second television, and get another IR remote to control the local television. How did you want to connect the second television? You can use any of the video outputs of the 9241, but you'll have to cable it appropriately...
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    Sheldon accidentally cops a feel...

    Great episode! Sheldon and Penny have shared a few intimate moments now. I wonder if they'll do a show where Penny becomes interested in Sheldon (after she breaks up with Leonard), and of course Sheldon will have no clue. -Mike
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    The Horror.... has Big Bang lost its mojo?

    I was wondering if it was just me. I don't like the relationship Leonard now has with Penny. She is supposed to be the unreachable hot girl that nerds long for, but never get. Now it just seems like a regular relationship, and suddenly Penny seems a lot more "obtainable". Anyway, I like the show...
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    Nimiq 5

    It is 72, not 82, and DirectTV is using that orbital slot with their own satellite, not Nimiq 5. Since the frequencies can't be shared, that doesn't leave the other half of Nimiq 5 available for use until the Direct TV contract is up in December, 2010. Bell must have had plans to use Nimiq 5...
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    FreeHD Canada - New proposed satellite service has applied to the CRTC for a licence

    Bell ignores the US market because they can't sell there, simple as that. Ditto for any other Canadian service including FreeHD, if it ever comes to pass. -Mike
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    TV2 stopped working on Bell 9242

    Is your 9242 still in dual mode (i.e. is the Blue light on)? -Mike
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    Any Updates

    No, they were the first to be converted. Have a look at The List. -Mike
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    Any Updates

    The rumor is that Bell converted more transponders to 8PSK yesterday, but I haven't seen a new report. Are things still as they were? -Mike
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    piggybacking receivers

    Er, you can connect an external USB hard disk to either a 6141 or 6131 HD receiver, to make it a single tuner PVR. Perhaps he meant you can replace the 4100 with the 6141!? -Mike
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    New to satellite world!

    If you're getting the model 9242 receiver, it will feed one HD television and one SD television and comes with one IR remote (for the local TV#1) and one UHF remote for the remote TV#2. Both televisions can be watching different programming at the same time. You can connect to HD television...
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    CANAM Satellites

    Does this work if a Canadian wanted to subscribe to Dish, for example? -Mike
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    NO US HD feed of Super Bowl on Bell

    Last year Bell did the Superbowl simsub properly, or at least better than they usually do. They offered a second raw feed to those outside the "simsub zone". I imagine they'll do that again this year. -Mike
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    at the risk of getting bashed forever.... I Love Dish....

    The problem is that Dish doesn't have the software to do the Canadian simsub properly, since locals are handled entirely different in the US. I suppose they could request the feature, but from what I've seen the Bell software is almost identical to what Dish customers get, minus a few features...
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    New Firmware for Star Choice Receivers Next Spring!

    And how many announcements has Starchoice made about new features coming soon, that never materialize? Don't count this chicken until it's hatched. -Mike
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    DSR 605 + 630

    It's a little early to be looking for a feature list. The Motorola DSR-6050 is a commercial grade receiver, with few external connectivity options by the look of it. In fact, Ethernet seems to be the only external connector. Motorola/Starchoice will have to really rework it for the consumer...
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    Nimiq 4 strength

    Nimiq 2 appears to be at 91 now. NIMIQ 2 Mon, 03 Nov 2008 03:21:25 GMT Latitude: -0.04° Longitude: -90.69° -Mike
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    Nimiq 4 strength

    The other half of Ciel-2 is still not spoken for, is it? Perhaps Bell will have a partial East/West ARC like Dish is doing. -Mike
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    Nimiq 4 strength

    I'm sure he was referring to the hackers (those stealing the service) which likely explains the restricted foot print. -Mike
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    Nimiq 4 strength

    Can they do that? -Mike
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    Nimiq 4 strength

    Nimiq 5 is going to 72. It's also half leased to Dish, so it won't have the same footprint as Nimiq 4. -Mike
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    Nimiq 4 going in service is a good thing for Eastern Arc?

    But my point was, what if Nimiq 4 needs to cover North America at a later date? This would greatly impact the financial viability of that satellite, with coverage limited to Canada. -Mike