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    Price Jump from 722K to Hopper

    I have the same situation and was given the same offer and declined. The way I see it, I'm paying $100 + a 2 year agreement, then I'm also paying an extra $12 in DVR fees every month. I also inquired and was told this does not include installation (another $96). So after 2 years in a contract...
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    Vip722k - L662 update

    The only two new things I've noticed with this update are volume leveling in audio options, and a grayed out option for wireless setup under broadband options. I think Dish is getting ready for the wireless multiroom device they have listed on their site.
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    Audio Dropout Problem (722, 722K)

    Hello, I believe I have the same issue being discussed in this forum. I have a 722k connected via hdmi to my onkyo ht-6200 htib. I noticed that only when the receiver is receiving a Dolby signal (which means only the HD channels), I get the issue. Whether its Dolby 2.0 or 5.1 I get the problem...
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    Dish DVR 625 Software Version L4.61

    Thanks, when I said timers I was referring to events (sorry about that). But 576 sounds a lot better than 288. As it stands right now, my 625 has a little over 400 events on it.
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    Dish DVR 625 Software Version L4.61

    Ok I emailed DISH Network and here is the message and reply:
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    Dish DVR 625 Software Version L4.61

    Just recently my DVR 625 updated to version L4.61 and I was wondering if anyone had any details on what new features (if any) that this update includes. Two things I did noticed however. For Dish passes I can specify the "frequency" of recordings for either new episodes or all episodes. I also...
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    DVR 625 Check switch

    I get the message occasionally and I think nothing is wrong with the switch, you may have interrupted the 625 while it was performing some maintenance tasks. For me, the rare occasion that happens is usually after the receiver has been off for a long period. I checked my switch and it's fine.
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    DVR 522/625 features request thread

    Yea your right, forgot about that. Maybe they could have like DirecTV Mix with different themed channels.
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    Loss of color on rewind?

    that is really strange, did u call dish about it?
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    Wrestling or UFC fans

    i like wwe, ufc hasn't caught on that much with me.
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    DVR 522/625 features request thread

    Customize DISH channel 100 so you can choose what channels to see in the six pips
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    DVR 522/625 features request thread

    Hi all, I finally registered here even though I've been read a lot of these threads for some time now. I thought I'd take this time to make a list of some features I would love to see in the next software update for my DVR 522. Right now my 522 has software version L253. I hope DISH will read...