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    WildBlue New Service Launch - Please Post Speed Test Reports Here

    I just installed my first exede dish foe dish on 10GB plan used speedtest .net and tested 5 locations. Speeds from 6 to 8 download and 2 upload
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    Who is not interested in Prime Time Anytime?

    you can save your favorite shows and the rest will be deleted
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    HD locals show in guide but SD do not

    go to menu 6 system setup 9 local channels guide display and set for sd and hd in guide
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    I need help with 612 install please.

    you need a dish pro plus lmb with dish pro dual on 61.5 dish to use 1 line in or another 21 switch and coax to rcvr
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    I am not receiving sat's 118 or 119

    Most likley lmb on 1000+ both 110 and 129 are dp duals
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    Why won't they ship?

    If you run a checkswitch does it read a 34 switch or dpp twin if 34 switch tou need another coaz or dpp twin for 622 rcvr
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    Why won't they ship?

    It all depends on what your setup is you may nees dish 1000 or 61.5 dish for rest of hd package and needs DPP Equipment for dual tuner
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    EchoStar to Acquire Sling Media

    does this mean anything to E* being able to aquire NFL Sunduy Ticket