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    don't get caught moving

    Just remember if you take your dish and STB with you to Granny's house for the Holiday weekend - your service address has moved - so call in an let DirecTV know. Don't forget to move back when you get home or 1) you will be violating something 2) you will be stuck with Granny's locals.
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    Changing HR10's fast forwarding?

    Hit pause then hit play. It doesn't autocorrect when using pause. (at least on older versions).
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    Dish Adds Another HD Channel - Food Network

    DirecTV is behind on HD and will be for awhile. There was a posting a few months back showing the estimated launch dates and such for DirecTVs new birds - which will bring them up to speed.
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    Will D let you reactivate owned receivers

    You should be able to do this - if the H20 is really a sold unit, not a leased unit. Two year min committment. Double check the bill as several reports of owned units being activated as leased.
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    DVR and Ipod

    Apple won't do it. With my hacked TiVo I just use TiVoTool to download and convert videos for use on my iPod.
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    HD LIL, but not all 4 networks?

    Yeah - E* announced 3 stations for Denver on Wednesday and by Friday night the fourth station was active. So this may be fixed quickly - or it may not.
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    You can pull the drive out, so its not a total waste. With the RID #'s DTV will not reactivate receivers with outstanding balances - just like E* has done for years.
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    WOW.....This is new to me...

    DirecTV has been levying a 1 year committment on ALL activations for awhile. Some have had success in getting CSR to waive, esp before the 3/1/06 changes. DVR is considered advanced, so 2 year committment on that. They now have an early termination fee, in addition to possible turn in of...
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    Could A Dish Go Bad And Cause Bad PQ

    If you are not watching the handful of HDTV channels, then PQ is not that great and HDTV big screens just make it look worse -IMHO. PPV and premiums should look better than average. Are there any local retailers with DirecTV on display - hooked up to a HDTV? How does your picture compare? Do...
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    D*/E* Combo Question

    You can network the HR10-250, but it requires some hacking.
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    Does the picture get even worse on weekends?

    You can cancel w/o penalties if you ship your receivers back - since you bought those before 3/1/2006 right?
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    So if I lease a D10..

    You don't BUY a D10 - you pay a $50 upfront LEASE fee.
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    One Line Split for Finished Basement

    For SD you can put two or more receivers upstairs and modulate the ouput onto two different channels.
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    What are You Buying?-A Story

    Purusing the Colorado laws it looks like You only owe tax on the difference between the original and residual value. But "all payments required to be paid by the lessee pursuant to the lease contact are sales taxable" - so if you have a 2 year committment would your montly programming fee be...
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    Reactivating service questions.

    Only if you want to get your locals via satellite. If you go OTA then HR10 is fine. Yes they have offers. Check around for what they are. You should be able to get the four networks via the 5LNB (check DirecTVs site for exact stations). OTA is needed for anything else. No. If you can run...
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    Why do D* Customers pay for TNT-HD?

    1) Economics. They charge because they can. 2) Costs. HDTV is costing DirecTV a LOT of money and someone wants to cover some of the costs with an HD package.
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    Directv or Verizon FIOS

    Depends on exactly what DTV does. Currently you can return all your equipment and be rid of the DirecTV 2yr committment (as always check your contract, it could vary). Reportedly there will be a pro-rated charge with the leased equipment - but I guess we will know details on or before 3/1.
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    Is there a way to find the azmuth of the new birds based on zip code?

    This site will let you find your angles:
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    Here is another:
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    I would like some info on HD waivers

    Summary: If you did not have OOM (out of market, aka distant) Networks on 12/8/2004 then you need to be 'unserved' by OTA signals or get a waiver - at least until May 2006 when digital testing comes to some markets. How it actually works, I am not sure. But that is how it is supposed to work.
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    I would like some info on HD waivers

    Here is how it is supposed to work Also
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    Suggestions on a bedroom TV for Directv and Computer?

    Some of the Dell's come with video inputs. I know the 2005FPW does (1 DVI, 1 VGA, 1 S-video. 1 composite)- runs about $400 on sale.
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    How can I destack 3 sats that are currently on one line?

    It is only 2 satellites worth of signals stacked. The 110 and 119 combined are less than one satellites worth of transponders so DirecTV usually mixes the two to appear as a single satellite.
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    I-Independent Television off D*

    BTW its not just 255. It is most of* the local i/PAX stations - they apparently didn't file for Must Carry status at the last election. Looks like 58 local stations to be pulled. (Thanx to post at DBSForums for link). * - Edit - replaced "all" with...
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    can u get subbed and locals

    You should be able to pick up the major networks from NY. Funny people from Canada sub DirecTV and want HD and the US guys go Canadian for a choice of US HD Networks.