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    FS Dish 811 HD receiver, remote, etc

    I can't tell if my pm's are going through or not: DWhite- No, no balance owed on it as it was purchased direct. Last run about a month ago. Works great. macarthur: Software is P380, DNASP is 02Rev287
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    FS Directv H10 (HDTV) & R10 (Tivo) Receivers, Dish, etc

    Complete Directv setup for sale. Dish is triple LNB, the H10 is Directv's HD receivr and the R10 is a Tivo included receiver. Used for 12 months. Will sell as package or separately. Make offer. Wife wants stuff gone as home is beginning to resemble a Satellite TV store :D
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    FS Dish 811 HD receiver, remote, etc

    Great condition. Asking $125.00 + shipping