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    H3 Occasional Pixelization

    I have also recently experienced this quick "distortion" of the picture. Happens ever 5 to 10 seconds. I wouldn't characterize it as pixelation as we traditionally understand that to be or look like. Also, my experience has not been on all channels. Two I have recent memory of demonstrating...
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    The OFFICIAL DISH / HBO Thread

    I enjoyed this show too. However, they did (if I remember correctly) wrap a shiny bow around the current story-line so at least we're not left with major lingering questions.
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    HBO BACK ON DISH (April fools!)

    Can't be mad at a well executed April Fools joke. Well done, sir!
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    Picture going blank after 4K equipment upgrade.

    In addition to new cables, you may want to determine your total cable run length. I have a 4K mounted on a wall, so cable 1 runs from TV to an upper jack on wall, cable 2 is the in-wall cable, and cable 3 runs from second lower wall jack to AVR. I needed to shorten the total length of the...
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    Happy Birthday Hopper 3

    Ding! Precisely.
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    Multiple instances of missing Sound

    I can confirm the same behavior, however, I didn't equate it to just PTAT viewing. I'll pay closer attention to see if that is the only time it occurs. I thought my Hopper 3 drive was getting "tired".
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    The OFFICIAL DISH / HBO Thread

    Perhaps, but streaming just isn't a viable option for tens of thousands of households that don't have quality high speed internet simply because it doesn't exist where they live. One of the primary reasons satellite service is still an important option for the market.
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    4K Joey

    <raises hand> :wave
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    OTA Hicups

    Same issue here on Joey's (connected to a hopper 3 with a single tuner USB OTA dongle) since the latest software update received on 8/30. This was an issue when the Hopper 3 first came out and took about 6 months before it was fixed. It is now back. One step forward two steps back.
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    Hopper defaulting to "My HD Channels"

    I can verify that the fix did work for far. Thanks again!
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    Hopper defaulting to "My HD Channels"

    Thanks for posting a workaround. I'll give it a try tonight. Suffering from same problem on one of my HWS boxes.
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    OTA Recordings Breaking Up

    I have a similar OTA viewing problem, but not specific to OTA recordings. My issue is simply watching live OTA channels from a Joey. Choppy - both video and audio breakups. Not watchable. This is a fairly new problem and I have no issues viewing OTA from the Hopper that the Joey is paired...