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  1. Kryspy

    Hey Ergen, Show Us The $$$, Tivo

    Umm, It's like in the world of music; you cannot patent a riff. Good luck to Tivo; they are sore losers in my eyes. I owned a Directivo and it made me cry as to how slooooowwwww it was; christ it makes a Starchoice receiver seem like it's fast. The whole Tivo tech never appealed to...
  2. Kryspy

    Rain Fade buster for ExpressVU

    Iceberg, Funny thing is I posted this just for you. I saw your post over at KUsat but was too lazy to sign up to post this :) Kryspy
  3. Kryspy

    Rain Fade buster for ExpressVU

    Here is a setup a guy did up here in Canada using a 75cm Starchoice dish, Directv LNB and a Triax LNB holder to compensate for rain fade. Starchoice uses this dish from Channelmaster and the LNB holders from Triax Here is a photo of his set up: Kryspy
  4. Kryspy

    'Blackbird' box poses serious theft threat (D* and ExpressVu)

    Apparently the Blackbird crew have officially abandoned the project now. Other like receivers are around though. Look for the Fortec receiver. I sense these little gems will all fall by the wayside. My opinion, they are the new scam. Kryspy
  5. Kryspy

    'Blackbird' box poses serious theft threat (D* and ExpressVu)

    stargazer, The receiver would work using DVB card technology. It is all software driven. Rumour has it it works with Nagra II as well (yellow cards) with minimal freezing once every 30 minutes or so. This is all speculation and there have been reports of people not getting their...
  6. Kryspy

    Programming on Bell Expressvu Satellites

    Hi, Nimiq2 at 82 degrees is mainly HD programming and PRIDE vision (gay and lesbian). So if you are into either one of those then you may wanna point a dish at it. Kryspy PS Gay and Lesbian not that there is anything wrong with that ;)
  7. Kryspy

    Expressxu Dish Pro compatible???

    Hi, ExpressVU software does not support DishPRO technology as of yet. Kryspy