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  1. grumpy1

    Any New Dish Deals Now That it's May 1?

    I called the 1-800-WOW-HDTV number from my cell phone and got through right away. When they found out that I was both a V* and a current E* subscriber I was told that I would have to go though the regular E* customer service department and the CSR then proceeded to abruptly cut me off. I...
  2. grumpy1

    Super-DMA is being released!

    Ilya, For the past few days I have not received WEWS Channel 5. Does this have to do with the current Super DMA rollout here in Cleveland? The channel is not hidden. It just all over a sudden will not tune. It has been fine for the previous nine or ten months.
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    This one certainly needs to be a sticky. :) :D Hope at least some of it is true.
  4. grumpy1

    NEWS FLASH: New Channels: LIFETIME Net, CMT, National Geographic,...

    I would assume that when Scott says "new discoveries" he means: Discovery Kids Discovery Home Discovery Time Discovery Health More SD to better compete with D* and E*.
  5. grumpy1

    Need the Following information From Voom Subs

    1. Pioneer PRO630HD Elite - both component and DVI setup. I like the component better. 1080i native Also have Ergen's POS dark pictured 811 running into this TV, both component and DVI also. 2. Mits WS65411 - in the kids playroom - component 1080i
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    Another new SEC filing (CVC 8-k): Closing of Rainbow DBS business has been delayed!

    Cablevision Future Hinges on Deadline Thu Mar 3, 2005 04:13 PM ET By Kenneth Li NEW YORK (Reuters) - Cablevision Systems Corp.'s (CVC.N: Quote, Profile, Research) future could be decided in the next four days, depending on how its chairman plans to meet a deadline to acquire the company's...
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    Post Any New News Story Links Here

    Here's one at Reuters that predicts the impending ouster of James Dolan.
  8. grumpy1

    Bill Lammers on VOOM & Satguys

    Hey, you guys should cut Mr Lammers a break. You are not his audience. This article was written for publication in the Cleveland Plain Dealer for the uneducated general public. Its a favorable article toward V*. The readers of this newspaper are just being introduced to television, never...
  9. grumpy1

    Great News - Voom Is Here To Stay!!

    Looks like Larry Dolan may be preparing to divest himself of some of his Cablevision interest by raising some marketable common shares. Hopefully he will commit some of the proceeds to increase the payroll of the Cleveland Indians as the team appears ready to get back into contention.
  10. grumpy1

    Splitting VOOM OTA signal

    The splitter only cost about $10-12 and it shows a DC pass to the antenna on its body. Anyway I put the power injector between the splitter and the amp and all the HD OTA channels in the recreation room with the 811 now come in great. Thanks guys. :) The problem channel still is a problem...
  11. grumpy1

    Splitting VOOM OTA signal

    Thanks Ilya. The power injector was eventually disconnected by the installer. He was here a few times. I found it loose behind the TV. Tried to connect it myself, but it doesn't seem to help. What exactly is it supposed to do?
  12. grumpy1

    Splitting VOOM OTA signal

    Tell me if I this should work with a somewhat negligible signal loss. I took my non-diplexed V* OTA feed and split it with a Radio Shack bought RCA digital splitter D800 40-2150 MHZ and ran a very short second line to my high definition ready recreation room 65in Mits. Since V* now carries...
  13. grumpy1

    Dolan family selling Cablevision stock

    Now that cheapskate Larry Dolan needs to sell the Cleveland Indians. :D
  14. grumpy1

    Pixellation problem solved!

    My installer is coming Thursday to try to improve my signal quality. Thanks for giving me one more thing for him to try.
  15. grumpy1

    2 Weeks and I'm done with Voom.

    I am a new subscriber who paid nothing down. Tonight I received the same email about the free plus pack. Knew it was a mistake right away, that I really didn't qualify as a charter member, so I just ignored it. You guys seem pretty greedy attempting to capitalize on a minor mistake. The...
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    Why do we NEED 9 sticky's?

    You guys are doing a great job. :)
  17. grumpy1

    Good Off Air Antennas/Amplifiers

    Any suggestions for me? I need a UHF/VHF antenna with just a little more strength than the Stealth. On a very clear day I can receive all my channels, but usually my local CBS [light green range] does not tune. Occasionally I have problems with one or another yellow range channel too. I am...
  18. grumpy1

    VOOM is moving along despite those who said that it was doomed...

    When I called VOOM on March 4 to schedule my install I was connected to the center in San Antonio. They had been having a terrible windstorm and their computer and phone systems were virtually inoperable. Towards the end of a long and painful call I was inadvertently cut off. After waiting...
  19. grumpy1

    stutter problem...

    Liz Hurley [Serving Sara] looks mighty fine on Showtime HD East. Is your signal quality OK?
  20. grumpy1

    After 2 days of Voom - some musings

    Ken You are absolutely correct. Just figured it out and even went back in the threads to figure out how to change the format. The Voom manual is certainly not very complete. For 720p the horizontal frequency is 45kHz and for 1080i its 33.75 kHz. I made the incorrect assumption that...
  21. grumpy1

    After 2 days of Voom - some musings

    Sean, I have a Pioneer Elite 630HD. When I switch inputs with the remote there is a little printout in the lower corner than tells you what input you are currently watching. On the one I set up for Dish it reads Input 5 Digital 33K. On the Voom input it reads Input 6 Digital 45K As far...
  22. grumpy1

    After 2 days of Voom - some musings

    Well after a no show on my install that was quickly remedied by Installs Inc, I have had a couple of days of being a Voomer. I find the service is really neat and well worth subscribing to. There seems to be a worthwhile amount of HD stations in the VaVoom package. My daughter particularly...