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  1. Kryspy

    OTA Antenna in a townhouse...

    nathan118, Sorry for the late reply. Yes I can pull in channel 2 and 4 on the SS-2000. Those channel estimates were based on the ATSC tuner in my ExpressVU 6100. I have since switched to Starchoice and am getting a 52 inch Panasonic LCD (PT-52LCX65)with built in ATSC next week and will...
  2. Kryspy

    The end of Analog TV as we know it?

    Hmm, So in short, the progression to Digital TV is being heldback by the poor folk who can't save $100-$200 since the announcement some time ago. Sounds more like a cop out than a viable explaination. Kryspy
  3. Kryspy

    OTA Antenna in a townhouse...

    Hi, I live in Canada on the Canada/US border and I am pulling in US digital networks from 35-50 miles away with my Square Shooter SS-2000 (amp'd version). My signal strngth is also in the high 70's to mid 80's. Kryspy
  4. Kryspy

    Winegard SS-3000 Sharp Shooter Indoor Antenna

    oljim, Why reply to a thread about a not released product without a price. Talk about being a negative Nancy !!!! Kryspy
  5. Kryspy

    Winegard SS-3000 Sharp Shooter Indoor Antenna

    Looks Promising check it out....... Kryspy
  6. Kryspy

    Tell us about your Local HD

    Some Canadian input EH??? I live approximately 25 miles from Niagara Falls New York and 35 miles from Buffalo New York. Using a Winegard Square Shooter with amplifier SS-2000 this what I get all in the high 70 to 80% signal strength on my Bell ExpressVU 6100 (DISH 811). I...