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    shipping from Canada back to US

    Shaw Direct Store Locator - Find Satellite Retailers in Canada - Shaw Direct When you find one using this link, give them a call rather than just going there. When I checked, one was a guy who just worked out of his house.
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    Please - need help in Oregon

    Wow, 10.7 is great. My 530 is getting 6.6 and 6.8 on the two tuners.
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    Please - need help in Oregon

    Well, some of the fuel usage is when I'm out driving the boat around. However, on the "desert" theme, we have nine months of cold weather in Seattle, where I have to run my furnace. It runs on diesel fuel. Right now the temperature is about 50 degrees with 5-10 knot winds. Seattle does get...
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    Please - need help in Oregon

    I'm glad I have an old dish with the elevation screw. That's typically the adjustment I make. My boat lies north-south, and my fuel tanks are in the stern. As I use fuel, the pitch forward increases. I'm able to make small elevation adjustments on the dish with that screw. The pointing...
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    Please - need help in Oregon

    Is your antenna located where you can get to it, like on a pole or low on the side of the house? Does your site have line of sight to the satellites (no trees)? When the guy leaves, go out and set your pointing parameters. Then, adjust a couple of degrees at a time until you find the...
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    Please - need help in Oregon

    You don't mention what receiver you have. If you have a 530, you need to run two coax cables from the dish. My dish in Port McNeill was set up by an installer, and I didn't really pay attention to what he did. I set up my Seattle dish myself, and it's mostly a matter of being patient. Set...
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    Dish Sizing Questions

    You should definitely install a larger dish. Other posters have recommended the 75e, and I agree. That's what I have in Port McNeill BC and Seattle. It's very easy to aim and get a good signal. It's not sensitive to minor movement like wind (or waves or dock movement in my case).
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    Shaw Signal Quality Question

    I would definitely recommend a rehit. I've had cases where I don't get any TV including 299, if the receiver has been unplugged for weeks. I don't have anything on my 530 called "signal quality". Which receiver are you aiming with?
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    Shaw Signal Quality Question

    Which receiver do you have? Are you able to watch TV at all? It's not uncommon for a receiver to need a rehit if it's been unplugged for a while.
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    Canadian Satelite in Oregon

    GeneralLumiere, Compared to my Dish 622 DVR, my StarChoice 530 DVR is very primitive. It's almost painful to use. You should be grateful that you can at least connect via DVI/HDMI. In my setup, if I try DVI/HDMI, I get a big warning in the middle of my screen complaining about missing...
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    Canadian Satelite in Oregon

    GeneralLumiere, I had to adjust my Shaw dish at my house in Port McNeil. I also installed a Shaw dish on my boat in Seattle. I completely agree with the advice you've received so far. I'll add that you need to be patient and make small adjustments. Also, make sure that the dish is going to...
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    NAFTA and dishes???

    NAFTA was intended to help companies with free trade. NAFTA does not change anything for regular citizens (at least that I've noticed in 20+ years of traveling between USA and Canada).
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    ordering Bell PPV outside of Canada is it worth the risk?

    Depending on how important this is (and how much you want to spend), you could get a Canadian cell phone. Telus Mobility in BC has a $25 per month "Your Choice" plan. Or, get a prepaid phone and buy $10 or $25 cards. That doesn't help if you have the box connected to your land line, of...
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    ordering Bell PPV outside of Canada is it worth the risk?

    Owners of 800 numbers and large companies with fancy phone systems can see your phone number even when you block caller ID. The facility is called automatic number identification (ANI). ANI is completely separate from caller ID. It's up to the company what they do with the info, of course...
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    SC 530 Box

    It was always my impression that this screen is designed to help you adjust your TV set. That is, it sends a full-screen-sized signal, then you can use your TV adjustments to center and zoom the picture. That's why it can't be moved by the receiver remote. (Or, at least I couldn't...
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    Shaw Direct HDPVR 530 with one line to dish?

    I seem to recall that my 530 wouldn't initially start up without two sat connections. However, I just tried plugging it in with only one sat connection, and it was fine.
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    DSR505 Ebno #'s on HD channels low??

    Iceberg, Assuming the Ecb/No on my 530 is the same as Ebno on your 505 ... Set on TSN HD 280: Tuner 1: Ecb/No 8.1 dB Tuner 2: Ecb/No 8.5 dB Set on (something French) 700: Tuner 1: Ecb/No 11.6 dB Tuner 2: Ecb/No 8.5 dB These numbers obtained in Seattle. HTH Brad
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    Activating Used Receiver - Help Needed

    Try calling back, but this time don't poke the bear. Specificially, don't ask about the 12 months commitment. They may mention it, or they may not. If they don't mention it, you're (probably) not going to be subject to it. If they try to stick you later, make them play back the recording...
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    Activating Used Receiver - Help Needed

    It sounds like their computer system is telling the customer service rep that you were not a good customer previously. Were you with a broker who has been in trouble with StarChoice? Did the broker timely send your payments to StarChoice?
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    Dead *Choice 530 DVR

    The pushbutton reboot only takes 10-15 seconds to start, so you don't need to hold the button for over a minute. I think there's a light that flashes in the display when it starts the reboot. I'm in the middle of recording the start of the CFL season or I'd test mine to be sure. How long...
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    505 needs a reset every 2+ weeks????

    Iceberg, My 505 used to do that when I went away for a few weeks. I just assumed it was related to rain and wind and snow and sleet (it's north Vancouver Island, after all). I figured that the crummy signal caused the error recovery code to go wacky. Maybe your signal is bad in some way...
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    Why does Bell look much better than Dish HD?

    clapple, The 530 also has a DVI video connection. That can be connected to a HDMI input on your TV with a converter cable. It's not a HDCP compliant connection, however, so your TV or receiver may not accept the input. Mine doesn't, so I can't comment on the quality. HTH
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    DVR 530 issues

    I've had a 530 for a couple of years and have never had any problems, so it's not like the unit design is inherently defective. Mine is always powered via a computer UPS unit, which protects the unit from power disturbances. It sounds like there is some external problem that's killing your...
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    Starchoice issue or receiver issue???

    My old 505 worked fine with no problems for two years. My 530 has worked fine with no problems for the last two years.
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    Starchoice issue or receiver issue???

    I don't get channel 535 as part of my subscription, but all the others are fine.