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  1. grumpy1

    FSN Midwest not in HD

    Thanks Dreddick for posting that email. Last year E* showed all the Indians games on STO in HD. Must be they are carrying more HD sports networks this year and haven't allocated enough transponder space to cover all the games. The SD version sure looks like garbage and is pretty much...
  2. grumpy1

    New local (Cleveland) HD channels are on!!!

    Ilya, I take it you can't see STO HD yet on 61.5? Depending on your setups some of you guys may need 44 switches to keep 129 available (at least for awhile) so your can continue to see the Indians games in HD. E* is usually not to eager to hand these out. Can't wait until I get home from...
  3. grumpy1

    Cleveland HD Upgrade Friday-Question

    Well consider those of us who have 61.5 and don't have 129. With your reasoning we have been paying for STO and FOXOH in HD since the start of LAST baseball season and have not been able to view either. Its kind of pathetic to say it, but yesterday's uplink was major progress in E*'s snail...
  4. grumpy1

    Cleveland HD Upgrade Friday-Question

    I am in exactly the same situation as Ilya and would be happy to see the HD locals and RSNs on 61.5 That said I am very disgusted with the wait and am about ready pay the penalty and jump to D*. Scott says that Cleveland HD LILs will happen in the next two weeks and that's about all I'm...
  5. grumpy1

    Dish Launches Big 10 Network

    What satellite is the HD feed coming from?
  6. grumpy1

    8 New HD RSN Channels Added 7/11

    Well if we are supposed to be pointed at 129 rather than 61.5 then why did they point us all at 61.5? I know the answer is VOOM was originally only at 61.5.
  7. grumpy1

    Repoint from 61.5 to 129 for STO HD RSN

    I had my "free" receiver swapout done yesterday to allow for the VOOM MPEG4 transition. Obviously I wanted STO HD so my installer and I made about 10 total calls to Dish playing CSR roulette trying to find a way they would allow me to add 129 while retaining 61.5. If I had known how...
  8. grumpy1

    Problems with 129?

    HDMM, I have the VOOM upgrade scheduled for Saturday and they are replacing my 110/112 Dish 500 with a Dish 1000 (will request 1000.2, thanks P. Smith) Hopefully this will allow for decent reception from 129, if not I will make them add a 3rd dedicated dish for 129 because I want STO (and...
  9. grumpy1

    No E* For Me

    Try to get them to send another installer to make sure the first guy was correct.
  10. grumpy1

    SportsTime Ohio launched on DISH Network

    I suspect that Jim Liberatore and Fastball Sports Productions must have really caved in on their original pricing scheme for E* to have picked up Sportstime Ohio. Roda on WKNR claimed that Fastball originally demanded more from the satellite providers for carriage than they requested from the...
  11. grumpy1

    Sad news for Cleveland Indians Baseball fans if dishnetwork doesnt add channel

    I just heard Bob DiBiasio of the Indians talking to Mark Schwarb on WTAM saying the the contracts were all being negotiated and he expects that everyone who received the Indians broadcasts last will year will get them this year with only the possiblity of a small block or two of early holdouts...
  12. grumpy1

    Rumor Has It...

    It was blacked out in my local area.
  13. grumpy1

    No difference in 942 monthly fees lease vs. purchase?!?

    The same exact situation happened to me. I am probably a half month ahead of you and the $250 just now appeared as a charge and I have a huge autopay coming up for July.
  14. grumpy1

    942 Error code 0551

    I had the same 0551 error code after having my 942 for less than one week. I believe the exact wording was "a serious problem with the hard drive." DISH sent out a new one pretty quickly. Couldn't figure out why the drive failed. Both soft and hard reboots were fruitless. The receiver had...
  15. grumpy1

    Previously leased 811

    I just got stuck with one of these leased 811s on a cheap ebay purchase from an electronics resellers ebay store [MaxxElectronics]. The seller refuses to take it back, so I am considering contacting his local police about his sale of stolen property. :mad: The E*tech I tried to activate it...
  16. grumpy1

    My 811 dispalys OTA HD channels way darker then Sat HD Channels, anyone else?

    I have the EXACT same problem with the dark HD OTA channels with my 811 AND like sixbears I have a Pioneer Elite RPHDTV. Decided to rehook up my VOOM box and use that for HD OTA. Forgot how phenomenal HDNET and DISCHD look with the 811/Elite setup. Expect the VOOM10 to look just as nice next...
  17. grumpy1

    Local HD coverage

    Smiley, Hopefully you received the free Winegard upgrade when you had V*. Mine works great even with my POS D* 811.
  18. grumpy1

    Move from Dish to Voom

    Once you leave *E for *V HD you will never want to go back. The big question is will Chuck Dolan be able to keep his vastly superior service alive. Once your OTA issues are worked out and with the much improved state of the VOOM software, you will be quite happy that you made the move up.
  19. grumpy1

    My ramblings on the 811

    Nathan, I've virtually followed the exact same path as you. D* for ten years then a switch to E* when the 811 became available for free three months ago. I also "saved" my D* run for VOOM and Thursday I had VOOM out for the install. Do it. VOOM is a great HD service and at the present...
  20. grumpy1

    Did I make the right choice?

    I did the same thing as you about 3 months ago and I most certainly regret it. The SD is much darker on the 811 than you received from D*. I hate the 811 and will be relegating to my kids rec room TV and using the E* 301 for my main TV SD viewing as soon as VOOM is installed next week. Must...
  21. grumpy1

    Any Opinions on dealing with Dish Network Regarding 811 receivers?

    I too would be most interested in finding out if anyone has managed to get out of their one year Dish commitment. The 811 is truly a POS. The newest problem is that the channel guide does not at times conform to channel on the screen with the PPV channels popping up all over the place. I...
  22. grumpy1

    I Wish I Had My 811....

    I have my 811 and I wish that I didn't. Can't wait for the last ten months of my 1yr DISH commitment to end so that I can go back to DTV.
  23. grumpy1

    Dish 811

    Have to agree with Gordon here. DVI is better than S-Video, but still way too dark for my tastes. Some channels are better than others, but in general the picture quality is poor. Night scenes on the darker channels are unbearable, as the images all seem to run together. I suspect many...
  24. grumpy1

    811-- Are these issue still a problem

    Component and DVI outputs also give dark virtually unwatchable SD pictures from some 811s. There has been no fix to date.
  25. grumpy1

    is anyone happy with dish 811?

    I paid nothing for my 811 and it is worth nothing. The SD is so dark it is virtually unwatchable especially after watching a bright D* picture for so many years. I am tired of constantly having to do resets. My cable company does a much better job with the locals. E* advanced tech told...