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  1. splino

    Got an X-Box 360 - must have games?

    Gears of War Call Of Duty 4 GRAW 2 Bioschock NBA 2K8
  2. splino

    The Orange Box

    Getting the Orange Box on the weekend...
  3. splino

    At current rate, PS3 may sell less than GameCube

    We could, but. Where's the fun in that?
  4. splino

    At current rate, PS3 may sell less than GameCube

    The XBOX360 has outsold the PS3 for the 10th consecutive month (Not counting Halo3 September). Don't you have to outsell the other guy to take the lead over the other guy?
  5. splino

    PS3 Rumble Confirmed

    So... Sony admits to another miserable mistake on the PS3... Soon they will anounce the inclusion of headsets as part of their system?... Or maybe... a good game?
  6. splino

    Considering a PS3

    True. Maybe by next year EA would figure out how to run Madden at 60 fps on the PS3.
  7. splino

    Considering a PS3

    You are welcome...
  8. splino

    Considering a PS3

    Speaking to Game Informer, Valve boss Gabe Newel (Makers of the Half Life Game Series) said the PS3 was a “total disaster”, and went as far as suggesting that Sony cancel the console. “The PS3 is a total disaster on so many levels, I think It’s really clear that Sony lost track of what...
  9. splino

    Madden NFL 08 Reviews

    I have it for the 360 an my son bought it for the PS3... My son drools with envy when he sees the 360 version. Although, He can almost always kick my butt in anyone of the machines...
  10. splino

    Ps3 and 360 Online.

    I have to agree with you here. Right now XBOX 360 Live experience is way ahead of the PS3 Live experience. I don't think Microsoft is gonna let that change ever.