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    Server Work Tonight

    That did the trick. Thanks.
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    Server Work Tonight

    Unfortunately it looks like the security hole fixed was the ability to mark forums read :) I've been using Mark Forums Read This now gives me error: ________________ vBulletin Message Your submission could not be processed because a security token was invalid. If this occurred unexpectedly...
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    Mark Forums Read

    It's working fine now from the Quick Links. I've made a bookmark to the url Mark Forums Read I'm using Firefox 3.0.19 on Ubuntu Jaunty, in case that info helps with debugging. Thanks Scott.
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    Mark Forums Read

    It's still broken as of this morning.
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    Mark Forums Read

    I'm still having this problem. Fails on Firefox 3.0.18 on Ubuntu Jaunty. Fails on Firefox 3.0.7 on Winders XP. Fails on IE 8 on Winders XP. Is anybody working on this?
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    Forum Upgrade Problems / Bugs and Suggestions Thread

    Scott, What is the status of the "doesn't remember userid/password" problem (posts 17-19)?
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    Forum Upgrade Problems / Bugs and Suggestions Thread

    I have cookies set to "keep during session only". DBSTalk also doesn't remember my name and password. In Mozilla, there is a "password manager" which is independent of cookies. It's edit - preferences - privacy&security - passwords. I've seen this problem before when the website...
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    Forum Upgrade Problems / Bugs and Suggestions Thread

    There's something in the new forum software which doesn't allow my browser to remember my userid and password. This fails on both Mozilla 1.6 and MSIE 6. Both browsers work fine on other web sites.
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    921's are IN!

    Scott, I'm pretty sure I pre-ordered a 921. (My old PC died, so I don't have the confirmation email). I haven't seen a charge show up on my credit card (they post nightly). I'm not asking about my position in line, etc. However, would you post when you have completed shipping the...
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    Private Messages

    I also have sent a message to maddawg indicating that I don't have a 6000 for sale. It still sits in my outbox.
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    The snowflakes don't move if you use Mozilla 1.5 as your browser. 8)
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    Slojim New Message

    also got a 6000 query from maddawg
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    Thanks for the forum changes. I don't visit some of the "other" web sites any more because I get tired of folks being horrible to each other.