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  1. HDFreud

    Attention VOOMers switching to cable!

    This is great. Satguys Voomers are the most sophisticated entertainment folks around. Plus I'm going the cable route myself.
  2. HDFreud

    current dishnetwork and directv offers

    Question: For E and HD as I understand it, the current Voom Dish is almost in position. They just have to switch to oval for 2nd sat?
  3. HDFreud

    What about purchased receivers??

    I called today and same thing. CSR "We have not been told, they will inform us shortly"
  4. HDFreud

    What about purchased receivers??

    I've called 3 times and get the "We don't know yet." perhaps if we all call they will escalate a response.
  5. HDFreud

    What about purchased receivers??

    I'm in the same boat. I wonder what is going to happen. However, I am not hopeful
  6. HDFreud

    Voom Adds More! (WealthTVHD, Fine Living, DIY,..)

    When I first saw thsi I thought well I don't know about that some may not be able to afford it. But I agree with you 100%!!!! What impact do you think it would have if Voomers did it for at leat 1 month. The extra $30 for a month is possible for most and the impact would be very significant...
  7. HDFreud

    New Channels Added! (BBC, Noggin, etc...)

    Thanks Walter, but they how could they add additional HD today and how many. I thought that we were maxed out on Rainbow 1.
  8. HDFreud

    New Channels Added! (BBC, Noggin, etc...)

    You know what. They more they add SD or HD, it just makes them a more viable company. Question though? Where does the bandwith come from? Sorry if questions is repeated, but it looks like they working towards adding what they said they would and I don't remember re: remaining capacity on...
  9. HDFreud


    Nice job Sean!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. HDFreud

    Rebranding of HD Cinema Channels have been done!

    It's good to see thigns continuing to happen!
  11. HDFreud

    Rainbow Spin-off is dead

    I remember when there was rumor that one of the airlines (maybe United) was going down. It was around the holidays and people were not buying tickets with them because they were afraid to be left without travel for the holidays. It is my understanding that this holiday year we will sell more...
  12. HDFreud

    Ellipitcal Dishes Coming Soon??

    Any new customers out there with with new dishes?
  13. HDFreud

    Ellipitcal Dishes Coming Soon??

    I don't know about Voom, but with direct TV I was a able to use a multi-switch to combine signals at diff. voltage levels. I don't know if the same would work with Voom.
  14. HDFreud

    VOOM adds 5 new channels!

    This is great overall. BUt I would have announced it with some mention like "we intend to start upgrading existing customers in x weeks....." I am very confused. I imagine that the discussions on how long it will take to upgrade customers has taken place and multiple models outline and...
  15. HDFreud

    Getting new software V726, are you?

    Forced update via installer menu and it's working fine. NO problems so far and Caller ID working.
  16. HDFreud

    Amendment #4 To Form 10: Rainbow Media Enterprises (all related articles posted here)

    As a charter member who owns his box, 11 months now and I still feel like a Beta tester. After Thanksgiving and all visitors leave, I will be saying goodbye to Voom. I need my DVR. It really stinks:(
  17. HDFreud

    VOOM PVR/DVR Release Soon... Echostar/Rainbow information coming soon as well (???)

    :D Sorry, I'm just kidding. Remember when the software update was supposed to be next Tuesday for about 2 months:D
  18. HDFreud

    VOOM PVR/DVR Release Soon... Echostar/Rainbow information coming soon as well (???)

    I heard that they are buying Voom next Tuesday. Really!!!
  19. HDFreud

    **Rumor:** Dish Network and Voom combined?

    :D Oh Boy. Do I wish you guys were right!!!!!!!:rainbow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
  20. HDFreud

    !!!!! STB Software Update (7.0b) Being Released - Starting Oct. 6th !!!!!

    Just checked and I am targeted for the software update!!!:rolleyes:
  21. HDFreud

    5 more slots for VOOM sats

    Oh yes! In two weeks.:)
  22. HDFreud

    Just got voom installed!! Brand new software??

    This is all wonderful, but when are we going to benifit from this?????????????????
  23. HDFreud

    OK, boys and girls, here (isn't) the software news we have all been waiting for

    I imagine that "rotate the dish" is like D* TV message that said "move dish 3 degrees".