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  1. CPanther95

    Why D* or E* versus Dish or DirectTV

    I think what you're missing is the process of elimination. If you aren't sure whether D* stands for Dish or DirecTV - but then you find E* simple to figure out as Dish, then D* must then be for DirecTV. ;)
  2. CPanther95

    Is Dish Broken?

    I think they're beyond the point of eliminating fees - they need every bit of revenue they can muster to stay afloat as long as possible. That's something they should have done when D* was more vulnerable. I'd wager they drop well in excess of 500,000 subs this year and will be prime for a sale...
  3. CPanther95

    Dish network® meets 100 hd channel mark ahead of schedule

    You're correct, they never ended up actually counting the NFL ST, etc. channels in any official HD channel count. That was something they said immediately following the claim they'd have 100 HD channels by the end of 2007 (in Jan '07 ? ). After the subsequent claims of 250 -1000 channels by...
  4. CPanther95

    Dish network® meets 100 hd channel mark ahead of schedule

    Compared to the limited HD offerings on most of the currently available HD channels, I'd be thrilled to add in some HD-rich premium channels.
  5. CPanther95

    Dish network® meets 100 hd channel mark ahead of schedule

    D* opened the floodgates on the vague channel counts early last year when they suggested that NFL ST, MLB EI and other "channels" may be included to reach their number-of-channel claims. That's when Comcast claimed they'd have 800 channels by year's end and their Philly system already had 199...
  6. CPanther95

    HR20 Tips, Facts and Features

    Can the Slingbox control an HR20 that is running in rf mode? On a side note, is there a Slingbox FAQ on Satguys? Looking to get one, but curious about the quality of the "Turbo" or Wireless option. Laptop will be accessing via wireless router - will that be decent quality?
  7. CPanther95 is down!!

    To the OP: Remember don't just fold. You need to fold & crimp, fold & crimp. Check your tin foil hat for gaps in the seams.
  8. CPanther95

    Top 10 things that might be wrong with D10?

    > D* engineers were using "m" for miles - Boeing engineers were using metric and dialed in the beams using meters. D*10 is fully functioning, and the CONUS beam extends from Ellsworth, KS all the way to Kanopolis, KS. Northeastern Kanopolis is receiving the Burlington, VT spotbeam - Southeastern...
  9. CPanther95

    Top 10 things that might be wrong with D10?

    Mine was adamant that you had to hook up the composite audio along with HDMI in order to get any audio. So I left it unhooked from the TV - then showed him the ends after we started getting some sound.
  10. CPanther95

    Top 10 things that might be wrong with D10?

    13) There is no problem. D* is adopting the Turner definition of HDTV. Set your STB to output 1080i and set your Format to stretch. Now all channels are HD channels. D*10 and D*11 will be re-tasked to handle the rollout of interactive two-way dating and shopping services.
  11. CPanther95

    HR20 Remote on/off

    I need a second button push to turn off the TV. [D* & TV Power - OFF] first press turns off the STB, [D* & TV Power - OFF] again then turns off the TV. Then slide to AV1 and [PWR] turns off the A/V Recv'r.
  12. CPanther95

    Pause one channel while watching another?

    Jimbo must not understand what dual live buffers are if he thinks the "back" button accomplishes the same thing.
  13. CPanther95

    Lewis Black Monologue on the Emmys

    He was more focused on pop-up promos for other shows (although he certainly could have included the even more moronic "You are now watching..." promos. ), and the high speed squeezed credits that are illegible. The crawls he was slamming were the ones on 24 hour news stations. While an...
  14. CPanther95

    1080i...NOT a friend of NFL!

    Exactly. I'll take a full bitrate CBS NFL game over any 720p presentation. Much more detail.
  15. CPanther95

    CBS and NFL Screw Up

    The first part of the complaint is standard practice. If they transfer you to a close game at the end of your scheduled game - they'll keep you with that game until it ends. Close endings are better for keeping butts in the seats than the first few minutes of a new game.
  16. CPanther95

    HR10 to HR20-700...EWWW...

    I do. And we're comparing the HR20 to the HR10. The HR10 has DLB and a "Back" button. Many are series that are short run cablenet shows like Atlantis, Battlestar, Burn Notice, etc. so most are not all active at any given time. Many others are just filler shows (House Hunters, Punk'd , etc.)...
  17. CPanther95


    Over the years it has saved me a fortune. I call it the DirecTV Upgrade Plan. My DTC-100 was upgraded twice (Samsung>Hughes) before I got my first HD-Tivo. A Samsung TS-160 was replaced with an H20. One of my HD-Tivos was replaced with an HR20 a couple months ago when it kept locking up. Sunday...
  18. CPanther95

    DirecTV 10 Signal Reading Thread(Transponders are Hot!)

    Depends which way you're facing. ;)
  19. CPanther95

    HR10 to HR20-700...EWWW...

    Good news: Give it time and you'll find many advantages over Tivo. Bad News: If you're like me, all those advantages will still result in it being a step below the Tivo. The 3 biggest problems for me. 1) No dual live buffers - recording two shows in order to flip is a half-assed...
  20. CPanther95

    Congrats to the Steelers

    Was there ever any doubt? First of many....
  21. CPanther95

    Challenges Await NFL Net, OLN

    They'll easily surpass $300 Million just from carriage fees.
  22. CPanther95

    Alright guys, super bowl meals and plans! lets have them!

    The key is to hold the Brats & Kraut for halftime. Otherwise I'll pound down so many, I can't enjoy all the other stuff. Self-control isn't one of my strengths. ;)
  23. CPanther95

    Alright guys, super bowl meals and plans! lets have them!

    Is Quaker Steak & Lube a chain, or is the one in Sharon the only one? Beer Hooters Wings Pigs in a blanket Nachos Cheese, Crackers, Ring Bologna, Pepperoni Sausage Balls Bratwurst All kinds of chips & Dip Beer