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  1. goirish

    Pic quality

    I have checked the resolution on the genie. Showing all checked up to 1080i as well as checked the in the info banner. I cycled thru from 480i all the way up to 1080p. There is quality difference between the setting as I scroll through. The only thing I haven’t done is try a different cable...
  2. goirish

    Pic quality

    I have swapped the inputs and on the tv and the quality follows the input. HR24 is far better. Not quite sure as to why.
  3. goirish

    Pic quality

    Hey guys. I have been away with a new career and haven’t been involved with satellite for the past 5 years. I have an issue. May be an easy one but don’t know. I have Directv HR24-500 and a Genie HR54/200. Bought a new Sony 65” XBR 900e. Both are obviously connected via HDMI and the TV up...
  4. goirish

    Hopper+no apps

    Did a factory reset and no luck, going to order another Hopper, thanks lucky86
  5. goirish

    Hopper+no apps

    version s230nacb per customer
  6. goirish

    Hopper+no apps

    Installed New Dish customer with Hopper and 2 Joeys last week. Installed a wireless dongle for internet connection and confirmed test OK. Went to show the customer the "apps' feature and nothing. I had the menu title "APPS" but no tiles. Asked the customer to wait till the next day for the...
  7. goirish

    Blockbuster Freeze Hopper

    I Have a customer stating that when trying to stream blockbuster his Hopper says "connect to internet". Which it is via the HIC at the location of the Joey. When going to the menu to check "network Setup" all are green "OK". Anybody have any idea what we can do with out driving to a service...
  8. goirish

    DISH Hopper Wireless Keyboard / Remote / Social Networking Concept Video

    Nice. I will go back to Dish if this software is released.
  9. goirish

    Regretting Hopper, Maybe Going Back to 722k/211

    I installed a Hopper last week and could not get the recording to work or the guide to download. Explained to the customer we need to let it download over night but after I had attempted to get it to download while I was there I was just hoping for the best. It never started working. I am going...
  10. goirish

    UHF Remote to Control TV1 722K

    I always thought the 722 did not support the UHF on TV1. You would have to get a UHF kit if I am not mistaken.
  11. goirish

    New Install Questions.... HR34 w/ 2 H25's

    Your DCCK will connect to your hr34 at the receiver and the DECA will be removed. It will not be needed after you connect the DCCK. So the second splitter that is being used for the hr34 and the DECA will removed and can be 1 run to the first splitter. The DCCK connects the HR34 thru the coax...
  12. goirish

    New Install Questions.... HR34 w/ 2 H25's

    Did your installer suggest a DCCK? wireless connection for your internet. that could eliminate the second splitter. of course you would need a wireless network.
  13. goirish

    Maybe no Hopper today. I need another dish?

    He (customer) may not have a 1000.2
  14. goirish

    The Hopper installer has arrived let the fun begin!

    Try a factory reset and let reboot by itself, about 20 minutes. I had same problem yesterday
  15. goirish

    Nightmare Hopper install

    Only installed 1 Joey and I didnt do that till after the Hopper was active. Frustrating
  16. goirish

    Nightmare Hopper install

    I had the same problem but I let the joey sit over night. Called the customer and it is still trying to pair.
  17. goirish

    SatelliteGuys FIRST LOOK - DISH's Hopper and Joey

    Same problem. If the Joey is installed in the incorrect manner they say it could take hours to activate. At least thats what they told me in training. But I followed the instructions to the T. I think my problem was the Hopper had a software issue. I am goin back in the morning to check to see...
  18. goirish

    SatelliteGuys FIRST LOOK - DISH's Hopper and Joey

    So I went to install my first Hopper and Joey in my sister in laws house today. 2 days ago attended the DNS training at our local hub. 5 hours later from a 2 room install and the joey will not display any video. The Hopper shows the joey (label Masterbedroom) in its list and the joey shows Home...
  19. goirish

    Condo Install Issues

    Find a local retailer that has their own installers. They are typically more helpful since they have less installs to get to in the day. The guy showed up to your house and found an excuse not to do your install.