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  1. Arion

    Edision Edison Mio Has No Signal

    I’ve had a few 22khz switches go tango uniform before and not sure why. I’m assuming water ingress over time even though I thought they were sealed pretty good. My experience is they kick the bucket after two or three years so like most other things keep spares on hand.
  2. Arion

    Edision How do I scan a transponder without wiping channels?

    Do a blindscan for transponders only. When finished it will show you a screen with all the transponders it found. Just select the transponder(s) you want scanned for new channels and only that transponder will be scanned leaving the rest alone. And before you scan you can select if you want...
  3. Arion

    OTHER Changing Satellite List in GTMedia V9 Super Receiver

    I wouldn't provide a link to another forum that provides bin files and So*tcam keys but like I said not my monkey not my circus. Have a good day sir and that will be my last comment on the thread.
  4. Arion

    OTHER Changing Satellite List in GTMedia V9 Super Receiver

    This was already addressed in post #6 but then when I went to the link you shared it's full of so*tcam keys and how to use the boxes for hacking but I'm sure nobody on this forum purchased the boxes to do that. What the heck, not my monkey not my circus. Enjoy your hobby.
  5. Arion

    OTHER Changing Satellite List in GTMedia V9 Super Receiver

    I followed the link to the forum that the OP posted and lots of posts of keys and softcams, etc. I just thought that any sort of references like that were off limits. My bad.
  6. Arion

    OTHER Changing Satellite List in GTMedia V9 Super Receiver

    This is a hack box, why is this posted here as it’s definitely against forum policy and terms of service?
  7. Arion

    OTHER Signal Strength Weaker at Night

    You might be catching the satellite off of a side lobe. If your really aimed at it with a decent LNB your numbers shouldn't be anything like that.
  8. Arion

    AMIKO Trouble finding Satellites

    Tek2000 has them in stock. He gets them from China under the ‘Superjack’ brand name. It’s 2019 manufactured with a bigger transformer and price to match. I got one from them a few years ago when I put up the 10’ dish and before I got the ASC. It works well. SuperJack C-Band Dish Positioner...
  9. Arion

    OTHER More Programming - Bigger Dish or C Band?

    You can get c-band dishes from Tek2000. They are new and in the box. IIRC he sells 6', 8' 10' 12' and 16'. They are mesh dishes made in China and quality has come up a lot. I have a 10' dish from them going on my second winter now and it's a good dish. This was my review on it and there are...
  10. Arion

    Titanium Satellite Dish actuator

    I picked up a ASC-1 about a month ago and it's built like a tank. You can tell by it's weight alone it's not a plastic tinker-toy with a tiny transformer. Glad I bought it.
  11. Arion

    [Sonicview] Newbie and LOST

    The best one piece of advice I can give [been doing this for 20 years and have also set up my own DTV and Hughesnet Internet dishes along with C and KU band] is to get a 'decent' signal meter. It will save you a lot of frustration. The beamwidth of a KU band dish your size is a lot narrower...
  12. Arion

    OTHER C-Band on the tiny

    And the average c-band transponder puts out 25 watts to maybe 35 watts of power whereas the DBS providers such as Dish and Directv have transponders that put out over 100 watts of power. So with the higher frequencies with the KU band moving into the KA band and 4 times the power output means...
  13. Arion

    OTHER 4.2.2 Receiver??

    Yeah, and that is probably why it's popular with the uplinkers as they know it's hard for people to watch. Poor man's encryption. LOL I do have a Genpix Skywalker USB receiver that I haven't used in several years and that can be used with a PC as well and can handle 4:2:2. Problem for me is...
  14. Arion

    OTHER 4.2.2 Receiver??

    I contacted Tek about the Zgemma as I'm interested myself. This is in part what he had to say about it; Hi *****, The chipset for the ZGemma H7 does indeed support 4:2:2 on MPEG4, however, the developers have to release a plugin for it. We've seen one plugin that can decode 4:2:2, but it was...
  15. Arion

    OTHER New to fta have a few questions

    If you want to do more than just playing around and if you hate frustration a [decent] satellite meter is a essential in this hobby. It would of been almost impossible to accurately set up my new C-Band dish without it. With a TV and if it's a digital signal you either have it or you don't...
  16. Arion

    OTHER New to fta have a few questions

    Top photo is way off. I wouldn't be comfortable with even a half bubble off. The time spent now to get it right will save you headaches later. Level it across the top all the way around and it will be close on the sides unless the pole is bent.
  17. Arion

    Titanium Satellite New to C-band Micro bud suggestions

    I did the microbud experiment as well with a 1.2 meter dish. I was able to get a handful of the strongest stations but really not a heck of a lot worth watching. You won't get any channel coded 8-psk and probably none that are DVB S2. About all you can do is to give it a try and see what...
  18. Arion

    OTHER Totally ignorant about FTA

    Difference Between RG6 and RG11 RG6 vs RG11 In choosing the correct coaxial cable to wire-up an AV system, we often encounter the RG6 and RG11 designations. These cables are not the same and there are differences that need to be considered before choosing one over the other. The biggest...
  19. Arion

    OTHER Totally ignorant about FTA

    The receiver has to be able to move the motor or it's a moot point. Make sure in your satellite setup in the receiver that USALS is selected for each satellite and that the appropriate lnb setting is put in for each satellite. Make sure you put your lat/long into the receiver and then also...
  20. Arion

    OTHER Totally ignorant about FTA

    This is where a decent satellite meter comes into play and saves you a lot of fiddling around. Make sure your pole is plumb and after you mount the motor make sure your receiver has your latitude and longitude set and set your receiver to your due south satellite and the motor will move to...
  21. Arion

    OTHER is this a good box?

    I know that Rick sells them. Supposed to be a good box with two different models. Was thinking about trying one myself.
  22. Arion

    OTHER Do I need to replace dish and LNB ?

    Nope. Just need a new receiver and when you do the setup you'll have to input the right local oscillator frequency for your LNB. You'll have several choices. Some for that satellite would be 10750Mhz and some of the others I think [off top of head] are 10600/9750. Look on the lnb itself and...
  23. Arion

    OTHER ICECRYPT S3750CHD Satellite Receiver

    Rick's has a review out on it as he is selling it. Pretty positive overall.
  24. Arion

    OTHER X2 Mini and Hughes Net Dish not receiving anything

    And if you like to play with LNB's and all the various settings that is where a decent meter will come in handy. You can move the jury rigged lnb around in the holder to get the best S/N level and then peak your dish as well or vice versa. Once you have that down it's time to add a motor and...
  25. Arion

    OTHER X2 Mini and Hughes Net Dish not receiving anything

    The Hughesnet Gen4 dish is for KA band and your attempting to use it on KU band. That dish is designed to be used with the OEM LNB. Mating a different LNB to the dish can work but the focal length is probably going to be off and it's not ideal. Would be best to start off with a real KU band...