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  1. kaputnik

    HR2x CE Release 10/14

    bout 10min ago mine started getting the 0570...
  2. kaputnik

    HR2x CE Release 10/14

    04D1 is what mine is downloading... *edit* thanks for the replies - rebooted and it's downloading 0570 now.
  3. kaputnik

    HR2x CE Release 10/7

    downloaded and installed late last night on my HR21-100, HR22-200, HR21-700. Have not found any issues thus far watching tv today. Does seem quicker to navigate around the menus as well as the guide vs last weekends release.
  4. kaputnik

    Instructions to get MRV (whole home DVR) activated for ethernet

    the e-mail route worked for me as well. I do have GB ethernet (using netgear GB switches) to each of my DVR locations and it works great. i only had to restart 1 DVR (the other worked right away). I have an HR21-100 and an HR21-700. When watching HD content from the other DVR, I see a peak...
  5. kaputnik

    Harmony Remote with DirecTV HR21

    I had the 880 for almost 3 years and the volume buttons started to not work unless i pressed really hard. i called support and it was out of warranty but Harmony/Logitech gave me 50% off the Harmony One, which i bought almost 6 months ago and love it. The only bad things about the 880 for me...
  6. kaputnik

    Tell Directv to add FOX SOCCER CHANNEL HD

    I hope this rumor is true! @GrantWahl (twitter) 2/8 Source: Fox Soccer Channel to be broadcast in HD starting this Wed on DirecTV/DISH. Cable systems? Not yet.
  7. kaputnik

    DirecTV 2 PC - New Beta Version 5102

    works ok for me I have a brand new video card (ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2). When updating to this beta version (from the latest) CPU usage dropped from 10% avg down to ~4% now on 1 core and GPU usage increased only slightly (10% up to 11%). Though i do have a new high-end machine (Intel i7, MSI...
  8. kaputnik

    OTA Antenna Recommendations

    i use this one, works great (the powered version) -
  9. kaputnik

    Sunday Ticket

    yeah - I use a powered antenna for all the local stuff if I want to watch it. The one I have is made by megawave ( ) and at most I have to move it around a little to get a perfect picture - it usualy just sits on a shelf behind the tv or even on the floor.
  10. kaputnik

    DirecTV to offer free HD receiver upgrade

    hmmm One question i've had on all these "locals in HD" posts - don't many people already have the HD locals? So would this mean *all* the local HD channels over the sat? I have CBS-HD, NBC-HD and Fox-HD, and get ABC-HD via a megawave off-air antenna. Doesn't the new law not allow any new...
  11. kaputnik

    HR10-250 Problem!

    ? anytime I have seen the problem in the past is because I have something plugged in wrong (or not perfect) so the HR10-250 is getting multiple formats in and not able to decide which to output it in. for example I have the problem when I switch to VCR and the tivo is not in 480i format. For...
  12. kaputnik

    directv R10 Tivo

    i also picked up one of the R10 receivers, and was happy to see that it worked out of the box over vonage. my HR10-250 didn't so I have to use the serial connection.
  13. kaputnik

    Problem with HR10-250

    did you try switching the HD-Tivo through all the output formats to see if any others work? (780p, 1080i, etc etc)?
  14. kaputnik

    More HD programming form DIRECTV

    I got nothing as well. For the games on channel 94, the first 3 seconds of programming comes up and it says "Yes Network HD" then it goes to "program not available in your area" (because it's on NESN). Same for the Yankees-Orioles game however, which should be available in my area (Boston). I...
  15. kaputnik

    FOX HD in Boston

    yes - i'm in Cambridge and get FoxHD via satellite. I've had it for a while now (few months i think?) but I got it added before they changed the law about waivers and such. i didn't have to request a waiver though. You might try calling customer service.
  16. kaputnik

    Best off air HDTV antenna

    . I use the Megawave and get all the stations, but i'm only about 5-8 miles from all of them in MA (I'm in Cambridge, MA).
  17. kaputnik

    Using Direct TV with VoIP

    HR10-250 and Vonage - works fine! I use vonage and just got the HR10-250 HDTivo. After a few days of trying different things, I got it working for every call. 1. Set your Vonage to the highest bandwidth setting: 90Kbps (I'm going to try it at 60Kbps tomorrow). 2. Plug the HDTivo...
  18. kaputnik

    Best OTA setup for the situation...

    I use this one, not sure if it will do everything you need it for. It's great for HD reception.
  19. kaputnik

    terk introduses new hdtv antenna

    personally I use the megawave amplified antenna. Only about $70 too at I tried a Terk antenna, and got 1 channel. Returned that one and got the megawave. Now I get every HD channel possible (around Boston) and only have to move it about 4 inches to get FoxHD.
  20. kaputnik

    Upgrading to hd - need help with OTA

    i use the powered megawave here in Boston (only about 8 miles from the stations) - it sits on top of the tv or a book case and gets perfect reception for all HD channels in the area. Only downside is I get all channels with it sitting one way, but to get Fox HD i have to move...
  21. kaputnik

    Can't get local chanels ext. 721

    same here I had the same issue Sunday trying to get NBCE in HD (told me to call customer service x721). CBSE in HD was working fine, and I worked with tech support for about 30 min to try and get it fixed. Multiple reboots, pulling the plug, resets did not fix it. I'm in the Boston area and...
  22. kaputnik

    Locals in HD on Guide?

    no those have always been there, they are other markets.
  23. kaputnik


    boston I noticed that Boston was left off the list? :( For other stuff such as CBS-HD Boston was included.
  24. kaputnik

    RSS Feeds?

    RSS reader I use this one, it's nice because it integrates into MS Outlook for those of you who use that. Also, Check out for a good listing of RSS feeds.
  25. kaputnik

    Cbs Hd

    . I don't think there are any others, everything else was working for me when it was setup the first time. The only reason you have to call for CBS-HD is because DirecTV needs to check their system to make sure there is the proper waiver and/or your region can get the broadcast over satellite...