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  1. cableman265

    Coax Splitter/Amplifier

    If you give me your MAC address I can look up your signal levels and possibly tell you whats going on. Or else you can get into it yourself and post it here.
  2. cableman265

    Upgrading Charter internet?

    You can simply upgrade or downgrade your speed over the phone. Although on the weekends you may want to brush up on your filipino. The only reason someone would come out would be if you are upgrading to 10M and you have an older modem not capable of going that fast. 95% of the time there is not...
  3. cableman265

    Internet Speeds?

    We have a 10/1.5 tier here, and a lot of times to upgrade from a 5/1 level a newer modem is needed, as people have had their old modem for years and it is not DOCSIS 2.0 compliant or is not able to upgrade the firmware to handle the new speeds. And Im not talking about 5 year old modems either...
  4. cableman265

    Terrible customer service to get MUCH WORSE

    They have not closed all US call centers. They replaced the 6 they did close with a seperate company that handles calls. Be careful calling after hours, thats when it gets routed overseas.
  5. cableman265


    Im down here on the Illinois side of St Louis. I'll take a brat via Fedex.
  6. cableman265

    Anyone know how to read diagnostic information from a cable box (signal quality)

    Good call Digiblur, an amp right behind a TV should only be a temporary fix while something permanent is being worked on. Im also curious what your diagnostic screen says now, because it also looked like your transmit power was pretty high at a 57. Thats how much power your box uses to...
  7. cableman265

    Cable companies worry about HDTV

    Right now there are 6 regular digital channels in the space of 1 analog channel. Depending on the compression, you can get 3 or 4 HD channels in the space of 1 analog channel. There are currently about 80 analog channels in my area, so that sounds like plenty of room for the time being until...
  8. cableman265

    Cable companies worry about HDTV

    The only reason cable still has analog is to accomodate the people that are reluctant to change. Shortly they are going to have no option. Analog channels are already being moved to digital. 75% of the bandwidth is being used for analog channels 2-99. But if you think about it, the other 25% is...
  9. cableman265

    (Rumor) Verizon CableCard and other news):

    I have talked to many cable card customers, and from what they are telling me, your cable card slot is not setup for 2.0, but can be with a simple software upgrade. One person I talked to said he has a card reader in his TV, and will simply be able to download the new software onto a card, and...
  10. cableman265

    need cable wiring expertise

    You are better off simply asking someone to drop by and take it off. Its your box, and you cant hurt anything by opening it. Only thing inside is a splitter. The only reason they lock them on single homes is because sometimes people like to disconnect their ground, and then get upset when...
  11. cableman265

    MLB EI on Digital cable

    I had the package last year, and you dont get every game every night. Some days you may only get like 3 or 4 games. I never noticed any games that were joined in progress. Usually if there were any day games, then they would play the day game and then the night game on the same channel. You will...
  12. cableman265

    need cable wiring expertise

    If you are having bad pictures on your upper channels, more often than not water has gotten into something. Converting to digital is only going to make is worse later on, as your picture will pixilate like crazy making it impossible to watch.
  13. cableman265

    Wall Co-axial Jack Outlet

    In the area I live in, the only way you will get a hole in your wall is if a contractor does the install. Even so, if you ask him to put a wall plate on, he may mumble under his breath, but he should put one on. He will be out maybe a total of 2 minutes. If a company guy comes out, you will...
  14. cableman265

    Charter DVR (Moxi) shortage in WI

    I was told by someone that Hurricane Katrina is partly to blame for a shortage, as there was a distribution center or manufacturing place down there or something. I dont know if Motorola has some stuff down there, or if they ship through there, thats just what I heard. Dont know if its true or not.
  15. cableman265

    Incredible Charter Customer Service

    Im curious if you have ever had to deal with SBC and their customer service. Do you realize that you will get an even more vague service call time? I have friends that work for SBC, and the grass only looks greener because you are not there.
  16. cableman265

    Charter Wisconsin - No NHL Center Ice?

    Its the same kind of thing here is St Louis. We get the NHL center ice, but we cant get the NBA package because there is lack of interest. Personally I think if you have a certain level of cable service, the NHL should be giving away their product after everything that happened last year. They...
  17. cableman265

    Incredible Charter Customer Service

    Let me get this straight, you are complaining because an amplifier went bad causing you and your neighbors to go out. That sucks, but it happens sometimes. And within 70 minutes there was a technician onsite fixing the problem. I realize the people on the phone are almost worthless, but you had...
  18. cableman265

    Charter DVR

    I agree, it doesnt make much sense. Thats just what I heard thru the grapevine. I was also told another theory that dealt with picture quality going thru the coax output on the earlier dvr boxes. Something about the conversion process inside the box causing the analog channels to be real grainy...
  19. cableman265

    NEW HD channel being added?

    what kind of programming is on INHD?
  20. cableman265

    Charter DVR

    The court dispute I heard was concerning the ability to record and save material that certain people dont want you to. Movie studios stand to lose a bunch of money from sales if we can simply record a movie from a movie channel and burn it to a cd. I heard thats why the coax port was not enabled...
  21. cableman265

    Channels under 100, digital yet?

    I have heard that the switching technology is in the preliminary stages here, and they can really get moving on it once all the analog is gone. But it still looks to be 2-3 years away. But 100Meg + will be a real thing then.
  22. cableman265

    Channels under 100, digital yet?

    In my area (which is St Louis) they have converted about 60 of the 1-99 channels to digital. They are kind of scattered around, but so far it makes it easy to see that digital is far better than analog. They are doing about 30 channels every 2 weeks, with the last 30 or so to come in about a...
  23. cableman265

    charter all digital STL

    No, it is not any kind of massive change to your system. They are simply trying to improve what you already have. The digital box will simply broadcast channels 1-99 as digital channels instead of analog. All other TVs will stay the same.
  24. cableman265

    How many grounding blocks?

    here in the st louis area, it is grounded only once before it is split off.
  25. cableman265

    Problems with Digital Channels

    Hey John, I saw that you are from Nevada. I dont know if the same things are going on there as in the StLouis area. There have been problems with certain groups of digital channels because Charter has started switching digital channel groups over to 256 QAM which makes them much more sensitive...